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  3. Ronald, You said its hard to find, you are right. Where did you find one? Thanks, Ron
  4. Many years ago I owned a 1976 Allegro on a Dodge truck chassis. We were driving Eastbound on I 20 through NM when I spotted a dust storm in the South. I took the next exit, and parked behind (North side of) a building. The wind was still so strong it was rocking the MH. Now that IMO was probably only a 50-60 MPH wind. This talk about wind and fire causes me to think of Kicks Brooks and Ronnie Dunn.
  5. Yup, instant excitement_unless you have a pacemaker.
  6. djsamuel


    Congratulations! I will join you in 851 days. 😀
  7. One: Todd Two: Navy Three: 26 years, 1984 - 2010 Four: Retired at E-8 (Senior Chief) Five: Aviation Electronics Technician Six: List where you served. Cold War, Enduring Freedom Iraqi Freedom Currently live in Odessa Texas. What a great state to be in. Hope to see some of you on the road.
  8. DD, I noticed on the battery picture that charging is 14.4 volts. I'm ignorant so is that what our converters put out?
  9. If they read different your on trouble.😯 Herman
  10. Also watch out for dielectric absorption. Dormant capacitors can recharge themselves. Maybe not to a degree of intense electrical short but will definitely surprise you. Watch out when you take the new capacitors out of the package, although dielectric absorption is more strongly related to a capacitor that has been charged for a long time.
  11. Mine has two dipsticks for some reason and they're both on top of the tank. Terrible design.
  12. We have received word from GM that the 2019 Chevrolet Malibu, which was included in Family RVing’s “2019 Towing Lineup,” is not flat towable. Initially, the 2019 Malibu’s owners manual specified that the vehicle, when equipped with a 2.0-liter engine, was flat towable. Unbeknown to Family RVing, GM later issued an owners manual supplement that said the vehicle should not be flat towed. As of this morning (August 21, 2019), the online owners manual for the 2019 Malibu still contains the incorrect information, but GM officials say it will be changed.
  13. Richard, we are full time travelers and I am considering getting the TSD discount card. I also look ahead for each day's travel and locate two or three possible fuel locations, almost always Pilot or Flying J stations. You explanation and experience so far with the card is helpful. One thing I am not clear on yet, prior to running your card at the diesel pump there will be a posted per gallon price, then when you run your card does that price actually show on the pump when you are pumping? When does the add-on from TSD get figured in, is it on the actual pump price you are seeing/pumping or is it added in later? I guess what I'm getting at is I pull in and the email for that day states the discounted price for the Pilot I'm at is $2.30 per gallon. I pump 100 gallons. Is my account actually charged $230, $235, or what exact amount?
  14. Interesting theory, don't think it would work for me to save any money. Even if I never counted in the expense of the extra tanks and a pump, the cost of treating that much fuel plus adding another 1,500 to 1,800 pounds would kill any savings for me. I tow a 24' enclosed trailer that weighs just over 10,000. Without the trailer I can get between 1 and 1.5 more in mpg. So weight does make a different in my Cummins motor I guess.
  15. DD69, how do you keep them cool ?
  16. I replaced my almost new 6 AGM batteries with 4 Battle Born lithium 100 amp batteries. With the same load they last over twice as long and recharge in half the time. They weigh lass than 1/2 the weight at 30 lbs each.
  17. Mr Mailman: My husband and I have traveled I-40 several times each way, from Memphis to Albuquerque. During the summer, heat is worst than constructions, just take it easy and go with the flow. There are miles and miles of boring cornfields while crossing Kansas on I-40 or I-70; just be patient and enjoy the trip. The beauty of traveling an RV is that you don't have to plan much, you stop when you are tired and enjoy the scenery. We start after Labor Day, going North on I-75, planning on taking East to West on the Canada side. Our second option is I-94 from MN to Billings, MN and I-25 to CO. Bill said it has 20+ miles of construction, but surely it wont matter since it will be much cooler that mid/central USA, so okay!. Safe travels! Jocelynn Jocelynn Wirshing-Power Oscar E. Power Gainesville Fl Travelling on a 28' Concord/Coachmen w/tow
  18. Welcome to the FMCA Forum ! I'm Not familiar with the Airstream Series Coaches. You Might Try this link to The Airstream Forum. http://www.airforums.com/forums/f312/1995-land-yacht-34-turbo-diesel-171020.html Rich.
  19. I have used the ladder trick before. Be aware if/when working with the units they have lots of razor sharp edges. Just be very careful to ground the old capacitors before you touch them. Well you won't forget again if you get bit. Bill
  20. Loves. Here is a screen shot of a few of the Texas locations. The last column is the discounted price. They send an email usually the night before with the next day prices for all the Loves, Pilot/Flying J and TA locations.
  21. I own a 2006 Fleetwood LE 40'. we moved the starter batteries to the rear near the 400 Cat diesel engine. Now we have room to put 6 AGM batteries in the battery compartment. We have 900 watts of solar on the roof. My question is what AGM battery is best for this application ? not sure if my email is in the form, this is my first time on the form; kbrophey2002@gmail.com
  22. Yesterday
  23. Joe, it was this one Jim linked. It was so easy. I first called them because I want an expedited reply and just general questions. I then filled out the application and submitted it. I called them back to tell them it was submitted. Later in the day they called me for some additional information not on the application including SSN. SSN is needed in case of litigation later on. Or so stated. Jim, what oil company was the discount at?
  24. Yup, and pushing them again brings you to the diagnostic code reader.
  25. In 200 mph wind, your coach would be in another area code...never mind the fire! Geeze..
  26. Is this by chance Tim the mail man who calls 104.5 the zone on a regular basis ? If it is, I want you to know that I enjoy your take on the Nashville sports world. Anyway, we have a daughter we visit regularly who lives in Wilmington North Carolina, which is the East Coast terminus for I 40, and we enjoyed a Western trip early this summer where we used I 40 from Kingman back to Nashville, so In the past few months I've traveled most of the highway. It's pretty irritating between Knoxville and Little Rock because only the cities have more than 2 lanes in each direction. I guess I should say it used to be irritating before I retired, moved to the right lane, slowed down and set the cruise control on 65. I'm a lot better at going with the flow than I used to be. There wasn't a lot of construction along the length of the highway from here to Albuquerque when we went through in early June. There was some road work going through Oklahoma City but it didn't really slow us down very much. If Tucamcari NM happens to be a stopping spot, you should try some Mexican food at Del's Restaurant on Rte.66. Delicious!
  27. By chance did you check oil level at operating temperature? It's done by pushing the up and down arrows simultaneously with tranny in neutral.
  28. Thanks for the replies. I called tech support today and we ran some test over the phone. During one test when the module timed off and the generator failed to stop the tech had me jump terminal 6 & 7 and the generator shut off right away. He determining that number 2 relay in the module is not working and I need to replace that new module. I filled a RMA form out and email it back to them. I hope this fixes it as it is frustrating to have something new fail to work. I hope I can get this feature to work like it should as it will run the generator when it really needs to, not when I think it need to. May save some diesel fuel in the long run.
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