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  2. Portable A/C

    Wayne, So, you are suggesting that the portable A/C is a reasonable option if he ducts the exhaust outside? Kind of thinking out loud here: Wonder how many CFM of outside (hot and humid) air would have to enter the coach to allow for that amount of exhaust? Wonder if that would cause enough negative pressure in the coach to draw in fumes from gray/black tanks?
  3. Portable A/C

    I would definitely make a cardboard or tin contraption with a hole in it to put in one of the smaller windows to vent out the humidity.
  4. It Can't Be Just Me

    In 1961 as a young LCpl (E-3) I got in line to get paid. When it was my turn the pay master said, "No Pay Due." They had overpaid me somewhere down the line by about $350. If it had not been for my folks and Earlene's folks and the Navy Relief Society we would have starved to death. Spaghetti with catchup and pinto beans were the daily meals. We had enough fuel for 3 weeks to heat the place. The other week we stayed in bed to keep warm. Of course that was fun. Earlene had to stay home, not working so she put up with it more than I did.
  5. Airbag Leaking When Sitting

    20monaco, Is this an HWH air leveling system? If so, have you checked for leaks at the "6 packs". With proper safety stands in place and a spray bottle of soap solution, you should be able to identify that size leak pretty easily.
  6. Airbag Leaking When Sitting

    Possible that a ride height valve is leaking at a given position, will check good at any other position, or when parked is borderline at releasing in the parked position. While traveling the compressor will keep up with any smaller leaks anyway.
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  8. Portable A/C

    100% agree, I'm sure that yours is a ducted system, should be pretty simple to make or have made an extension to your system.
  9. Portable A/C

    I agree, not practical from load on alternator/coach electrical system OR additional heat to interior. I would look at making a diverter to move roof air forward and use the generator to power it.
  10. Portable A/C

    I have a 2012 Tiffin Phaeton 42LH on a Spartan Chassis with a Cummins ISL9 diesel. Couldn’t find any alternator info. The inverter/charger is a Magnum 2800W Pure Sine Wave with continuous power of 23A, and a 5 second surge power of 32.5 amps. Model #MS31884. I also have 6 new AGM deep cycle batteries. The portable air conditioner I’m considering draws 9.04A or 1,040 Watts/hr. I could always run this A/C off of my generation while driving, but was just wondering if running it off of the inverter was a feasible idea. FYI I just talked to an technical support agent at Magnum Energy, and they say on paper, it’s feasible, but in the practical sense, not recommended. Thank’s for y’all’s input. Chezyrider
  11. Silverado

    A problem with my 2017 Silverado Z71. I have towed it about 5,000 miles. On the last 2 trips(May and June) I have gotten a wobble while making a slow moving right turn. The manual has been followed, the case is in neutral, transmission is in neutral and the battery is disconnected. Once I stop in a straight line and restart I have not had a reoccurrence. Any similar experience?
  12. Airbag Leaking When Sitting

    Have 07 Monaco Dynasty with valid air leveling system (no jacks) and entire passenger side deflates 4 or so inches within 15 to 20 minutes. Not able to find any leaks. In the travel mode the bags hold level without any loss. Any thoughts on where to look or what I should try to eliminate first?
  13. Pets and Rallys

    We have 2 dogs and lots of poop bags, along with the all important leashes! I don't care if Fido is voice trained....even K-9 and military dogs are on leash, unless their working!
  14. Pets and Rallys

    We take our Airedale Terrier.......taking our pet along is the reason we have a motor home. A pet is a responsibility, pick up after, keep them cool or warm, control barking, and always remember: "I have never met a bad dog, just bad owners!" g
  15. unwanted emails-again

    RayIN, My apologies if you feel you are receiving too many emails. Here is the link to manage which emails to receive: This link can also be found at the bottom of every email we send by choosing the Manage Your Preferences option. Sincerely, Dan Ball, Director of Membership & Marketing
  16. Portable A/C

    It is an "old" guy thing happens all the time.
  17. Portable A/C

    Hummm!!! Question already answered in the OP.
  18. Portable A/C

    Chezyrider, Welcome to the Forum. If you dash A/C cool well but wont do so good in really hot weather try putting up a curtain of some sort behind the Drivers and passengers seats. We use one all the time and it help by not trying to cool the entire coach with just the dash air. May I ask, rather then trying to put in a heavy portable A/C, why don't you just run your generator and roof A/C? Herman
  19. 50 amp shoreline round hatch

    Any RV store will have then or go on line and google it. You might even find one at WalMart. I have found that if I know the name of an item WalMart is a good source for online buying. Good prices and short delivery or even some can be picked up at your local store. Good luck. Herman
  20. Tire Blowout Experience

    The picture shows 275 70 22.5
  21. unwanted emails-again

    When I first joined FMCA it took me months to figure out how to stop receiving unwanted emails. Now the new website seems to have eliminated the selection page for emails from various groups of FMCA. Can/Will someone point me to that selection page? If I can't stop the unwanted emails, my only choice is to block all emails from FMCA, meaning they will not even appear in my junk mail folder.
  22. It Can't Be Just Me

    Wayne. In the early 60's, it all depended upon when the pay master found you!
  23. Tire Blowout Experience

    Mike. What size and make tires are you running, on what make, model and year RV?
  24. It Can't Be Just Me

    Well now I am back to once a month.

    I had to stay 3 1/2 weeks in that area. Then on to Moab, Arches and all 3 sections of Canyonlands. Bill
  26. It Can't Be Just Me

    Pay master for me in the early 60's was every 2 weeks.
  27. 1st MH Road Trip w/ mileage

    I made several trips to CA back in the early 80's without a toad. Yes I have traveled without a toad yes in a smaller class C, so I know what I am talking about. Traveling without a toad will reduce your ability to go and see and do by about 75-85%. Some people drive RV park to RV park and don't go any ware once they are there. That is fine but I don't go someplace to just explore the RV park. If you are still working and that is all you have time to do that is ok. Bill
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