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  1. Hopefully the link works to show what I finally decided on. The camera is $20 cheaper on Amazon https://www.rearviewsafety.com/backup-camera/rv-backup-camera-systems/class-a-motorhome-backup-camera/papago-gosafe-s30-dash-camera-gs-s37.html
  2. Two things I have learned about the types of GPS on some dash cam systems for logging purposes is some only stamp Longitude/Latitude and the higher end ones that includes mapping like what is common now a days. The more simple ones have just Long/Lat imprinted on the video while the higher end ones I've seen show Lat/Long as well as street names. Here is another great website that I found and has tons of useful information. https://www.rearviewsafety.com/safety-solutions/dash-cameras.html
  3. Privacy I am not worried about nor speed in a big RV. What I am worried about is those that takes us for granted and cut us off or rear end us. I have been driving big trucks for 30+ years in the Army and now in a 36' RV. After heavy congestion last weekend and almost taking out Audi that came up in my blind spot to only get right on the bumper of the car in front of me to only hit them, and then tried to blame it on me with the cop did I realize that its time for a camera. My ultimate goal is to find one system that can handle four cameras at once since I have a tow behind as well. That Rydeen system looks very promising thirdrock44!
  4. So far this sums up what I have been reading and compiling LOL. I am really leaning towards #1 on this list. https://www.testfacts.com/12-best-dash-cams-for-truckers/
  5. What I am looking into is one that can be mounted inside at a minimum Class A since there are no rearview mirrors to attach too. Another factor is one that can be wifi and two other cameras to catch the sides. I have been doing a write up on the ones that seem to be the best option with the best options and hopefully I will decide soon and include what I find out.
  6. I tried looking on the forums before posting about Dash Cams to see what everyone is using. I have been researching online and most are good for cars and such. I want one that would work well at night and with a good wide angle. What are your recommendations?
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