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  1. This is good to know! I have them on my watch list too, now. This is the exciting part. :) We are going on our final camping trip of the season with our current RV, cleaning it out, winterizing it and I am doing one more round of P.M. on the roof so we can put it up for sale when we get back. Making inquiries now too to see if it is worth selling it private or using it as a trade. I am sure we can make a bit more on the private market, but if I trade it in then I don't have to worry about scammers and such.
  2. The great (lol) state of Illinois. That is funny you mention Pace Arrow 37', that is what we were just about to buy when I noticed that floorplan was heavy for the chassis and others warned that it had very low capacity for storing. I'd hate to go on a diet just to be able to drive in the mountains. Edit: Traveling for purchase is no problem, I have a flat tow car already. Driving a monster motorhome back might be the bigger issue. I'm good with our current 24' Class C, but I am thinking a 45' house on wheels might be different. That is why I wanted to stay in the 37-38 range. Especially if I go to a private seller. If we went to a dealer that might at least give me a few pointers I'd probably feel a little better. At some point I'd probably take a class. I plan on using my vacation next year to go to the National RV Training Academy and take the longest, most detailed course I can.
  3. I've been looking at Kenai Coach in Junction City, OR https://www.kenaicoach.com/DealerFiles/ just out of curiosity as I like the build quality of some of the older luxury coaches (it is a tough sell for the wife as she is afraid that old coaches mean big problems). Also been watching RV Trader. Unfortunately, my budget can't put me into a brand new luxury coach, we're trying to stay 200k or under. The more under the better as that gives us a bigger cushion for fixing problems on the road. Wildebill308: That Tiffin Allegro you linked is 100% right up my alley, my only worry is the 300hp engine wonder if it can tow anything as it seems very well equipped (I'm going to try and Google the GCWR).
  4. Just sold the house and are looking for a first class A DP for full-timing. I have driven a small Class C (24') for a while and it is not too bad. How bad is the learning curve on a Class A? We are looking for something in the 37-39' range. I'll be working from the road so looking for something with enough room. Been browsing RV Trader and looks like I will probably be going to a private buyer once we find the right one so I'll have to fly/drive out, pick it up and get my first driving lesson under trial by fire. We almost had a deal on one, but luckily right before I put the deposit down I caught that the tow capacity on it was almost nothing (we loved it otherwise). Anything I should look out for as well? Dealing with dealers is scary because... well they are dealers. Dealing with a private buyer brings its own worries.
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