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  1. It sounds like the new Verizon unlimited prepaid plan is much better than the Verizon unlimited plan offered through FMCA.
  2. I just ordered some Blink XT camera's and they have temp sensors built into them so you could check the temp or use for security as well.
  3. So the new Verizon Unlimited plan through FMCA is throttled badly but, the Prepaid Unlimited plan through Verizon isn't? FMCA needs to work on their negotiations with Verizon it sounds like to me.
  4. Well, apparently FMCA has recently gotten an "unlimited" Verizon hotspot plan for $49.99 but, the caveat is that Is there a data threshold? There is no data limit within a given billing cycle. However, you will see decreased speeds upon 25GB of usage in a given billing cycle. Slowdown speeds will range between 70 kbps – 2.7 mbps. Normal 4G LTE speeds will resume at the beginning of the new billing cycle. 2.7 Mbps is not bad but, 70 kbps is pathetic. Remember when we had 56k modems? 70 kbps is just a tad faster than dialup? That is not worth $50 a month and you will use up 25 GB in a week or less of streaming 1080p video. I mean dang, I'd sign up for it if it weren't throttled to such a slow speed. 70 kbps - 2.7 Mbps is a very wide range.
  5. There are plenty of videos on youtube talking about the new uncapped Verizon Hotspot plan. $65 is prepaid if you let them take your money on auto pay. I signed up to FMCA just to get the unlimited Sprint hotspot and then Sprint's nearest tower to my vacation home went to crap mid summer so I sent back the FMCA supplied Sprint Hotspot. I'm sure that Verizon would have a better coverage and speeds and now that it's unlimited FMCA needs to negotiate to get that available for us at an even better price than the $65.
  6. Well, the dealer did call me back and since they were not making any money on the tires they are jacking up their mounting and balancing to $146 to mount and balance 4 car tires.That just about negates the savings that I was going to get by ordering the tires through the FMCA advantage plan. SHeesh ! Their normal charge for tires that you purchase from this dealer is only $14 for balancing and they don't charge for mounting.
  7. I went to my nearby dealer today to get these tires ordered since they were not in stock and the dealer, which Michelin had referred me to, said they didn't know anything about the FMCA or the Michelin Advantage Program. I left them with the printout of the quote and they are supposed to check and call me back. We shall see.
  8. Please stop including the FET Federal Excise Tax in with the quoted prices on Michelin tires. Passenger car tires should not have this and if it's included with every quote how are we or the dealer supposed to know how much they are supposed to charge or pay for a tire?
  9. Well, it's been a while and I have contacted Sprint via phone and talked to around a half a dozen people. I have chatted online with them and I have used the Sprint forums on their site since I was already a phone customer of theirs. They simply will not send anyone to fix the nearby tower to my vacation place in Rogersville, Alabama so I am going to cancel the Hotspot through FMCA and I'm changing cellular providers. The Hotspot works fine everywhere else and I had good service in Rogersville at my place until right when I placed the order for the Hotspot. I just didn't expect for it to be so unbelievably hard to bring it to the attention of someone at Sprint that they have an issue with the tower that provides service to the town of Rogersville. The day the LTE went out at my place I figured that they would get it fixed by the next weekend. I was wrong but the LTE randomly goes off and on and even when it is transmitting LTE the signal strength is much lower than it had been for the 5 months previous. The mentally challenged people at Sprint actually think that the previous 5 months of good service that I experienced was a fluke and that I should have been having crappy service all along. So here I leave with my 4 lines and HotSpot. I've been trying to get help for almost a full month now. It's no use.
  10. Okay, I never received a confirmation/tracking E-mail but, I did receive the Hotspot via UPS Monday morning. I was expecting to have to sign for the package but, UPS left it sitting outside my basement door and I didn't find it until we were leaving Rogersville that afternoon. The Hotspot is the newest Franklin R910 model that you see on Sprint's website and simply turning it on and entering the wi-fi password that scrolls by on the display had me up and running in a couple minutes. I'm back in Tennessee at my main home and it's working well and just delivered 55 Mbps. download speed at the speedtest.net site. My next problem is going to report an issue with the nearest tower to my home in Alabama which has conveniently decided to stop transmitting LTE at random times of the day and when it does transmit the LTE signal the signal is a lot lower and can barely provide 1 Mbps. download speed and the upload actually times out in the upload side of the test on that same website. So the Hotspot works good but, the crucial tower that I need to work at my home in Alabama has decided to have an issue that is really affecting my use there. I have called Sprint and will call again when I go back down there Friday if the problem is still going on. I'm afraid Sprint won't bother to mess with it until it goes completely out and it easily diagnosed.
  11. I did check my credit card and the money for the $40 for the one time Hotspot rental and the $50 for the first month's Sprint service was charged yesterday the 9th so the only question now is whether I'll be sent a tracking number or something.
  12. We really like going to the lodge on Sunday mornings around 11 when they still have breakfast and lunch on the buffet. If you get there much after that you will have a hard time getting a seat since it gets very crowded with the after Church crowd. Great food all around. There deer were all around the lodge last weekend even some fawn's with white spots. They weren't scared and stood around for quite a while.
  13. Thanks for the info. Rogersville is like the land that time forgot when it comes to technology. They have no cable TV provider. Charter actually comes within 10 miles to the East or West but that's it. The state park actually has Charter but, no one else in town. AT&T doesn't have enough ports to even supply new customers with slow DSL. So here I am hoping that the Sprint Hotspot will work out for me. I have still not received any information via email on my subscription to the Tech Connect. I'll patiently wait some more. 73 Ben
  14. I just joined the FMCA today and then immediately signed up for the Tech Connect + unlimited wi-fi hotspot with Sprint's service. I did receive my receipt for joining the FMCA and downloaded the membership package info shortly thereafter. I figured that I would start the post and kind of document how long it takes to receive the wi-fi hotspot and how it performs. I already have Sprint for my cellular service so I know the kind of network I can expect and will mainly be using it near Joe Wheeler State Park in Rogersville, Alabama though I live in Tennessee. Anyway, I've been using my phone's built in hotspot for a while now when I needed some internet access and I regularly get 9 Mbps. speed due to less than ideal location in relation to the nearest Sprint tower but, still 9 Mbps. is plenty for most people. So I'll update when I get some info about the coming shipment.
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