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  1. Rich, thank you for your answer to my question on the Aquahot system. When going thru the cold nights in North Carolina were you using the Aquahot system on diesel? It does work very good on diesel, but I was a little disappointed that I could not use the electric for heat also. I guess the disappointment was due to the dealer telling us that you could heat with the electric Aquahot or diesel. (electric when it was available or diesel if not hooked up to electric) Thanks again, Sandraw
  2. Herman, thank you for your insight. Our Beaver is a 2008. It is our first with the Aquahot system. We were told that it would heat with either electric or diesel, but found it to be inadequate for heating the coach when the tempuratures were below freezing. I thought maybe we were not doing something right. Do you think the heat on electric would be warm enough to keep the bays from freezing? The heat works really well on diesel. Thanks again, Sandra
  3. We have just recently purchased a Beaver coach with the Aqua hot system. Is it suppose to keep the coach warm if it is on electric instead of diesel when the temperature outside is below freezing?
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