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  1. Frustration: I spent about 1/2 hour answering this post and some how I lost it and never got it posted. In a nutshell, I spent two year searching and comparing and when we were at the Redmond FMCA rally last month I carefully looked at the 2015 Tiffin Bus and the Entegra. They are very similar in quality and fit and finish. The Entegra is a step above the Phaeton so I compared it to the bus. Tiffin would not deal on price like Entegra did. The people and factory are similar in their customer service. I talked to Bob Tiffin and to Tadd Jenkins, Pres. of Jayco (Entegra) and I felt comfortable with both of them. Did a selfie with Bob Tiffin and did a 45 ft test ride with Ted. Both were very nice. We also met Ted Cook, engineer and designer of Entegra. Ted Cook designed and engineered Travel Supreme and Jayco bought Entegra about 2008. Ted Cook came to Jayco as part of the deal. Last week both men were in Pomona, CA at an RV show and Ted Cook came up to Visalia and spent about 6 hours with us walking us through every part of the coach and corrected a couple issues we had. Would anyone at Tiffin do that. Every new coach will have a few issues after you buy it, even a new coach but the customer service after the sale means a lot. Entegra says I can take my coach to any service repair shop I have been dealing with and they will make the contact with them to handle any concerns. Spartan chassis are used on many of the high end coaches so I'm not worried about that. I would have been happy with either a Tiffin Bus or an Entegra Anthem but we bought the 39 foot Entegra Espire. The 42 ft Anthem is just a step above ours and we are very happy with the 39 ft Entegra Espire for the price difference. All the cabinets are Amish built and the fit and finish is excellent. I think the Amish cabinets are in the Tiffin as well. You will be very happy with either coach but I got a better deal from Entegra. Good luck, Jerry Olson Visalia, CA
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