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  1. Good morning! We are newbies to this RV world! Before June 12, 2018, the biggest rig either of us had driven was a big pick up truck. However we decided to jump right in to an Itasca Meridian 36’ diesel and spend 15 months touring Canada and the USA. How smart that decision was is up for debate…but that’s what we did!! The plan was fairly general but flexible enough to change if we found a place we loved! Eleven days out on the road, as we were driving near Mount Rainier, the rig started to shake violently left and right…we were able to get it stopped but we were 8’ from going over a very steep drop off. We thought a tire had blown but when we got out, the tires were all good and we could not see a problem. Eventually a mechanic arrived at that site and he determined that the airbags had deflated and that they had automatically inflated (fixed itself!) and that we could now continue our drive. We made it down the mountain…however we have had this happen 15-20 since then and have had it to several Freightliner Shops around the country. Many parts have been replaced however it continues to ‘shake’. We are towing a 2014 Jeep and are now also investigating the possibility that something in that connection is triggering the ’shaking’ event. Has anything similar happened to you or any RVers you know or have heard about? Any thoughts would be helpful! Thank you! Rich Heck Suzanne Kochevar
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