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  1. I have always had two road service subscriptions. Sometimes I have called both and then cancelled one. Currently I have Both FMCA and Good Sam. One thing I will say is, no matter what company you use, let them make the decision as to where to take your vehicle. Give as much detail as possible about your emergency. In the case of Good Sam, they will stand behind any repair that is done by their recommended service. Once they towed me 100 miles passing all kinds of dealers and other repair places. No matter what service you use, expect to wait. None of them are immediate , unless the driver just happens to be eating lunch at the next exit. At least you are not stuck sitting in a car Although I have not used it, FMCA also has a service to contact nearby members to assist you in an emergency. I do not know how to activaate this, but some how i find it reassuring, This is sort of a third service. What do they consider an emergency??? I am signed up to assist in an emergency but I have recently written to FMCA asking why they don't have me tell them where I am when I am not at my home base. I still might be able to help someone in those locations also. I am lucky enough to still be able to do a lot of my own repairs, myself. so changing a tire is not usually an issue. In fact, I had once had some one ask me why I didn't wait for road service. The key to that question is the word "Wait" Over the years, I have had great success with road service. At best count, in twenty years or more, I have used road service three times, that I remember. Every time I was grateful. Read the find print and ALL of the contract. If nothing else, I like supporting FMCA for the fact that it gives me access to people with the same interest, and I like that big FMCA placard :) but that has nothing to do with road service. Good luck with what ever you decide.
  2. May I suggest, along the same lines, for fue savings is GasBuddy The App. You can set it to find only Diesel or to find Gasohol which they are still calling gasoline. They also have a "pay with Gasbuddy" that I have not tried. You have to allow them access to your bank account. Similar to some of the other pay by phone apps. This gives you additional savings. Like you , I have traveled side roads to get to cheaper fuel, but I use Gasbuddy to direct me, and to give me choices. While you are waiting for the pump to finish emptying your wallet, you can add your own price update or verification to Gasbudy. The more we all use it, the better it becomes.
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