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  1. Tom, Thank you to you and the many others who responded. You have given Jenny and me several ideas to plan an exciting vacation with our grandson. Jim
  2. We are planning a trip to either St. Louis or Springfield Missouri the summer of 2011. We have concerns about crime as we are taking our 7 year old grandson. Can anyone provide any advice as to which area(s) to avoid. Our plans are to visit a baseball game, petting zoo if available, and some museums. I would appreciate any advice from those who know these areas of the country. Jim&Jenny 2005 KSDP 3910 Toad Subaru Legacy
  3. jkoeni01

    H2O in Fuel

    Gary, What do you use to waterproof the connector? JimK
  4. jkoeni01

    H2O in Fuel

    Brett and All, Thank you for providing ideas on what may be the cause of the problem. The fuel was golden throughout. Every time I have drained the filter/separator I've never seen any clear liquid. Also, there is nothing else floating in the fuel. The sensor was faulty. New one installed and driven since. No false readings of water in the fuel. JimK
  5. jkoeni01

    H2O in Fuel

    I have a Cummins 330 diesel powering my 2005 Newmar Kountry Star. On our trip returning from a rainy weekend in Illinois and with very damp weather my engine reported H2O in Fuel. I stopped, drained a total of three cups of fuel from the fuel filter to no avail. The drainings took place over three separate stops where the warning would go out and then come back on again. Finally, I added winter fuel additive to prevent moisture. Please let me know your thoughts regarding my actions and what I should do in the future. My Spartan manual suggests I also have the engine checked which I plan to do. The check engine light never came on while driving. Thanks for any help anyone can provide. JimK 2005 KSDP 3910 3rd year RV rookie Toad: 2003 Subaru Legacy
  6. I found your "worthless" info to be valuable and your technical comments to be helpful. Thanks for making this lesson so enjoyable. Whenever I see you not only will I pay you the 10 cents X 4, I'll even splurge for some medicinal internal ingredients to place in your Pyrex cup. Again, thanks for helping this rookie. JimK
  7. As a newbee to driving a large rig I've searched blogs, asked the manufacturer, and posted here. The information gained in this blog was truely the most helpful. Our descent was so simple and easy. I just turned on the engine break. My wife, who was petrified at the notion of losing control down a hill was surprised at our return to Michigan when she was driving north near Cincinnatti. She woke me up frightened and said, Jim what do I do, I'm at the top of this big hill. I told her what to do and she smiled all the way down the hill. Thanks again for the support and ALL the advice you folks have shared. I hope I can help others as much as time passes. Jim
  8. Brett and Tom, Thank you for your support and generous advice. Jim Koenig 2005 KSDP 3910 Toad 2003 Subaru Legacy
  9. I will be driving I-75 in Tennessee where there is reported to be a 4 mile climb and then a 4 mile descent at a 6-7% grade. My rig is a Newmar Kountry Star with a 330 hp diesel engine. I will be towing my 3000 lb subaru. I've also come across discussions regarding transmission heat but never found any good explanation of how I tell when there might be a problem brewing. Any suggestions on gear selection for the climb and, more importantly the descent. I've never driven in the mountains with an RV and definitely not anything this size. Thanks for any recommendations. Jkoeni01 2005 KSDP 3910 Toad 2003 Subaru Legacy
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