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  1. Yay me! new life experiences, right?? I may just hold a bit until the back and forth from the storage yard to the house during this remodel gets it runnning on fumes. Perhaps a bit of uphill WOT can drain it faster right? 😃
  2. They Did trop the tank, and im now wondering if I only heard fuel that was in the line bubbliing, but did not see anything dripping, so at that point I assumed it was bubbling in the tank, am looking more into it today. Tried to explore putting in a fuel pump access pane, but the pilot hole I drilled showed the grey water tank is above the fuel tank, so im left with dropping the gas tank again. I did however make a good bit of progress in ripping out the 87 carpet and headliner for the front half of the vehicle though - and holy dog doodie, they must have had a sale on 1/4" staples!! I must have pulled over 200 just in the two step stairwell alone!! Now that my back is killing me, I think ill try to drop the tank next week 😃 I did however exercise the generator a bit with external fuel tank, runs great on its own!
  3. I fully expect it was just a mis-install at the shop as the genny was working great before the work on replacing the chassis internal tank pump. But advice well taken, I intend to completely re-run the generator fuel lines either way, am just having issues seeing how i can get beyond where the line runs through the frame (and connects to a hard line at that point) to verify the top of the tank connection is good.
  4. Generator runs great when it has fuel or using starter fluid. (Sorry, I forgot to mention I ruled out generator operability)
  5. Yep, thought that may be it as it was close to the 1/4 tank level - so now I have freshly filled to the top tank - and of course now need to potentially drop it 😃
  6. Hey Again All - Need another helping nudge (or kick in the butt) from the "Gas Heads" on this thread.... The RV its running/driving great, but now the generator isn't getting fuel. After examination I am only left to think there is a crimp, or the mechanic did not reconnect things right on top of the tank. I just replaced the fuel pump after checking for line continuity / integrity, but it appears this wasn't the true cause. (I was able to blow back through the fuel line to the gen, and heard bubbles, but in hind sight it may have just been bubbling from residual fuel in the line I heard.) Upon cranking, a small amount of fuel enters the filter, but does not draw enough to get to the engine - (bubbles can be seen in the quarter inch or so of fuel in the filter) while the pump is trying to get to the fuel. Does anyone have any dimensions on where I should cut a hole in through the floor for any future work or repairs on this. Or has someone done this on a similar model who may be able to give me some guidance - I really dont want to take it back to the shop, and I am hoping to avoid dropping the tank if at all possible. Plus I would think it would be beneficial for any future troubleshooting and fuel pump replacement efforts. My RV (Eagle-5) has (for now) the two twin beds and the center is wide open. I'm not worried about messing up the floor, as I am planning to strip all the carpet out anyways. May put an actual access panel in - but dont want to make the floor look like swiss cheese in the process with trial and error efforts.
  7. Much appreciate all the assistance, I was able take "eagle 5" on a test run last night after finding and replacing the fuel pump relay, we were able to hid ludicrous speed (figuratively) and was pulling well up hills and on WOT. Whole different vehicle! Vroom Vroom!
  8. Very sorry to hear, did you ever get something to work with it reliably for your issues? How long did you mess with it / keep it? I must admit, my daughter wants a tiny house, and its tempting to just remodel and park it somewhere with utilities for her 😃 (Its MY RV, but if it cant do a long haul by next summer I will need to reconsider keeping it, as I plan on moving in a year or so - likely to the upper northeast US, and if it cant drive and put some distance on more than 20-30 minutes at a time with an hour break in-between, I sure as heck aint shipping it.)
  9. With all the findings today, and yet another short lived trip and subsequent tow ... I am thinking a bit out of the box (and into my day- off first scotch of the day so....) I cant stop but think it may be a good idea to upgrade the engine a bit with something like a performance ignition system such as MSD, and upgrade the carburetor or heck even convert to fuel injected... Any thoughts? I am definitely NOT made of money, but at this rate my RV is looking more like a boat with the drivability issues, rather than me putting money into making the RV more updated and comfeeze for my usages. Am thinking that doubling down on just being done with chasing the gremlins and update a bunch of stuff may be called for. yeah, probably the scotch talking - but still...
  10. Good suggestions, I had not considered the routing, they do cross a bit - ill rectify that when i get it back. Will have to check on the advance.
  11. It has upgraded wires, with the heat shields, and ceramic boots now 😃. I at least was able to verify that part of my request to my mechanic was done!
  12. Thanks for the thread reference, this is carbureted (unknown make) but that's my next option up if all pans out with fuel system working. (prior owner did say the carb was replaced, but dont know by who - and hearing how these carbs are hard to setup right - well ill happy consider an alternative / upgrade if one arises. it is pulling a vacuum, but I did not gauge it. (Need to get one). All vacuum lines "look" good from inspection from top down and bottom up, but Ill be getting a roll of vacuum tubing anyways just to start replacing them. The prior owner apparently did not follow through on any chassis work other than oil changes and fluid top offs, and was mostly focused on the RV portions. Sorry, We had all components replaced with the "full" tune up, but I will triple check with my mechanic as they are now suspect a bit.
  13. Rgr that on the vacuum leaks - im rebuilding my do-it-yerselfer tool kit roster, but do not have a vacuum gauge, compression testor just yet - its on da list.
  14. Hey Thanks! I went out today to try and swap out the fuel pump relay - but before I get into that ill try to answer your questions... Unknown on the fuel pressure check, I had hoped my mechanic checked it, but it seems he had a Jr tech working on it... (see below) Yes, it has been backfiring up through the carb. The Fuel pump I referred to that was replaced, was in the tank. My model does not have an external / rear mounted aux pump that I could find. Upon crawling under to check for the fuel relay and just to check the previous work, I discovered multiple pinched wires between the tank and the frame. (Its waiting on a tow to go back to the shop to drop the tank, inspect the wires for damage, replace, then check voltage on the fuel pump and ensure it runs and to check fuel pressure) I will ask about timing check, but after initially starting and getting up to temp - the thing runs like a champ but seems underpowered, only when I get to WOT or after its fully warmed up (and 30+) minutes away from anything will it start hesitating, backfiring and eventually coming to a crawl. (25mph max) My current thoughts (other than the shop screwup with the wires) are that the "new" fuel pump was not properly checked for operation after install - I am pretty certain after my recent conversation with the shop owner, the Jr tech likely just started it up and called it a day. (I am of the understanding - please correct if wrong - that these can run at idle and little to no load with the mechanical pump on the engine, but under load especially when warmed it will be starved for fuel, which so far matches my experiences to date) Also of note - I am leaning towards thinking the in-tank pump may not have ever worked while in my possession as per the info I found during my own inspection and investigation today. I could not find any fuel pump relay in any of the obvious locations for the P30 chassis of my year, but I do have a panel in the front engine compartment that has a port for fuel pump, with nothing in it, but appears to be wired. Fun times, the journey continues (Right now at 20 mph up the slightest incline, or with the help of a tow winch which may be faster still) Photo below of location of obviously missing fuel pump relay, if there is one in another location I have not yet traced it down. (Not in the upper left doghouse - from inside, not under / on the wheel wells either side, and nothing obvious in front except for the missing one below)
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