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  1. Cruise America sold some of it's former rentals, as refurbished, and we put a small security deposit on it. How difficult is it, for someone "inexperienced with RVs," to drive them? All members of my wife's family has been very negative on it. One even going so far as to say "that's why truck driving school is 6 weeks...you need special skills." Others are saying similar to that effect, especially since neither of us have driven any large vehicles, with any regularity, over any distance. I'll admit that I'm not a big fan of larger autos, especially in towns. My "biggest" that I've driven, on a regular basis (I've driven uncles pickups, but mainly just to get firewood), are a Crown Vic Interceptor, and Nissan PathFinder. On the flip, having driven cross country in a car before, going through the towns, the roads are generally fairly straight-forward, and there's no major plans to stay "in town." We would be at an RV/campground for the winter, and that, national/state land, or some other options (like family), when it's not snowing. We also figure, that other than shopping, which we generally do twice a month, or an occasional medical, that, at worst, we rent a car for the day, if needed. So, are these people just being doom & gloomers? Or is it really a challenge to try and drive an RV, for people not experienced with it? Wouldn't a general guide of keeping 10 miles under the speed limit, and staying in the slow lane, especially for a new driver, be sufficient? Appreciate the feedback!
  2. Greetings, all. US Navy Veteran of OEF, and we're going to be starting "The RV life," and just joined. I was actually going to ask if anyone was familiar with Visible, having come across it a few months ago, and see it as a decent option for our web option: 2 cells (wife & I) = 2 hotspots, so can hook up a laptop to one, and either another laptop, or tablet. Was wondering what others' experiences have been with Visible, On The Road.
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