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  1. Hello everyone. Kinda new to the forum. I have a 2005 Winnebago Vectra with the above mentioned inverter. Last night I noticed that my lights were dim while plugged in to shore power. Checked my battery voltage and noticed they were down to about 7.5 V. Seems inverter stopped charging at some point. Checked all breakers. Dimensions display in coach was flashing with no buttons working. Inverter usually has a hum and creates a little heat, but it was silent and cold. Cycled the inverter breaker on the AC panel in bedroom, and then realized that the 120 outlets powered by the inverter were still working. After about 20 minutes of troubleshooting and scratching my head I noticed it he panel had stopped flashing. Set it back to charge mode and noticed the battery voltage was slowly creeping up, made it to 8.6. Went to a friends for the night thinking they would charge. Came back today and batteries were at 7.5V, panel still reading charger on. Cycled shore power and and tried to reset. Panel is flashing again with no buttons working, and has been for about an hour. It flashes faster when I press the reset button, but then back to flashing. Any thoughts? Is the inverter dead? Eric Babin was helping troubleshoot early today but still no luck. Previous owner from last April told me it has died once and had Dimensions rebuild it about 2 years ago. Also, can I purchase an external charger to charge the house batteries til I can solve the issue? No heat obviously cause thermostat is battery operated. Thanks in advance. Danny Rosado
  2. 11 NOV 2020 UPDATE: Hello everyone. My name is Danny. Eric B. posted this for me since I wasn't a member of the forum yet, and I wasn't able to login initially cause of the server updates. My coach is still in the shop, going on 6 weeks now. It is in a small mom and pop truck/rv repair shop in Oxford, AL, however they were recommended to me by a tech at Cummins Birmingham. They have chased ground wires, replaced relays and fuses, and the ignition module I believe, with still no resolution. Last week they told me they thought it might be a computer problem. The coach will start just fine, but dies right after putting it into gear. It will usually move a few feet, but that's it. Total loss of electrical power as if someone turned the key off. No warning or indication lights, just complete failure. When I was stranded on I-10 about 6 weeks ago, I had the emergency flashers on, and when it would die after trying to start, even the flashers would turn off until it reset, 15-30 seconds. So it doesn't seem like an engine problem, but likely chassis. Also, there is no chassis shutoff switch on this coach. Concerning the ABS issue Eric mentioned, the ABS light only flashed once about 50 or so miles before the first failure, which was a few hundred miles before the interstate breakdown. The time between failures, though, has gotten progressively less until it has gotten to where it is now. The shop in Oxford is still stumped even after consulting with another local diesel shop. I have called Winnebago and Cummins and they have said they can't help me cause it sounds like a chassis issue. The shop says they have reached out to Freightliner but received limited help. I called Freightliner In Birmingham thinking maybe someone there has experienced this before. They told me I could have it towed there and wait for service, but they said that none of their mechanics actually had any experience on the older Classic Chassis, and didn't really sound very confident. The only other shop around is a Gander RV, which used to be Camping World. I feel like I am at the mercy of a small shop that can't resolve this , with with no real viable alternative. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. Even a repair shop that might consult that has worked on these older chassis's? Surely this can't be the first time this has ever happened. The Winnebago is the full time home for me and my two dogs, and I have spent the last 6 weeks bouncing between hotels and friends. Thank you to everyone that responded in the past. Danny Rosado
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