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  1. I visited Talin/Stone Vos last week to have some work done on my coach. I got to speak with Chris T. and he shared a few funny stories with us. Chris is a very nice gentleman and I was very impressed with all the knowledge he has about our Monaco Coaches. They did a great job installing the Guardian plates on my slides and replacing all of my old awnings. Everyone of the folks were very nice and knowledgeable and a great pleasure to do business with.
  2. I think we are leaning more toward a pickup truck and the full size cart. The full size fits the wide bodies (me) more easily and chose the 72 volt cart for when we are camping in the mountains, it climbs hills like you are on flat ground. I does weight out at around 1200 pounds though like you had mentioned. I would like to look at this carrier (http://www.cruiserlift.com/id77) This seems like it would help support more of the weight so as not to have all of it on the rear end.
  3. We have been looking at the new bronco but may consider a truck just for the fact of being able to haul the golf cart in the bed.
  4. The roadmaster handles well now after a few additional add-ons. We only carry the golf cart when camping local and we put it on a trailer. I have looked at the golf cart haulers but I think it might create handling issues with the extra weight on the rear end. Do you guys have any experience with using a golf cart hauler without a tag axle?
  5. Same to you Jleamont, did you install the watts system on yours? Mine really drove terrible until installed the front and rear watts with the crossbars.
  6. Hello guys, i hope i am not speaking out of place here. I am about 4 years in on owning my motorhome and have been a member of FMCA for about the same length of time. My wife and I are in our mid 50's, so we still have jobs and are not able to travel full time at the moment. We had went on some chapter's sites in our area to try and join when we signed up with FMCA and the sites had not been updated in months. I think a lot of the chapters are just hanging on with the small groups they currently have and aren't creating any activities for the future. We would look at the calendar events for the chapters and there would be nothing listed in the calendar except FMCA rally's. I personally think the way to get younger people involved with FMCA is going to have to go through the kids. I think FMCA should offer some kind of benefit for children and this would may get the attention of the younger group. If they could make this happen in some way, then you would have the young kids growing up and being familiar with FMCA also.
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