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  1. Isn't a 4020 DOT stamp mean they were made on Sept 30 of 2020? I thought that was pretty good. We're taking a short trip and I'll take watch how it rides and brakes. If I feel anything I'm switching them out.
  2. The tires are 4020 dated. They were not trying to screen me over. I had to get tires ASAP due to the circumstances (long story)... But Ive driven it and it feels better than before. Given the tires can handle the weight and there is very little difference in size I'm comfortable. The dealer said I'd there were any issue to call and they would help me exchange them.
  3. Thanks everyone! Whelp I kinda got stuck with the 275's all the way around. We triple checked the weight specifications and the tires were well within specifications. And there were no 295's to be had so I decided to just go with these. Wish me luck!! Thank you all for the responses.
  4. This is what it shows on the GAWR label. Thank you GAWR / PNBE Front 6622 / 14600 First Intmd 4536 /10000 Rear 9072 / 20000 Looks like the H rated tires work at those weights.
  5. We are replacing the tires on my 2013 Itasca Ellipse 42d. Currently it has; Michelin XZA2 295/80 R 22.5 Steer Tires Michelin XZA3 275/80 R 22.5 (4 Drive + 2 Tag Axle) My question is this. Can I run the new Michelin X Line Energy Z 275/80 22.5 on all wheels. Or is the extra width really important on the drive tire? And is it ok to run the Z (I think it's a steer tire) on the drive and tag axles? I would GREATLY appreciate any input from some of the folks that have more experience on this topic. Thank you!
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