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  1. Great, last time I talked to them that was not the case but they were working on it. Going to turn my in in the next few months so not making any changes
  2. You should get it shortly, however by telling them you want to use your own device, you may have thrown a wrench in the works. Unless something recently changed, they are not doing that so far at this time. Plus they do not assign the SIM to your device. If anything, get their device and try the SIM in yours. Others have tried. You need the same size SIM as the Moxee takes.
  3. https://www.t-mobile.com/news/network/dish-t-mobile-expand-network-services More current, waiting on gov approval
  4. This could be good, need to wait and see
  5. I do not have a problem either, but if I did there is nothing wrong with discussing it on this forum. I am always surprised when folks complain about other discussing issues looking for a common resolve of the issues. Is that complaint more valid then theirs?
  6. This is exactly what I am doing. Calyx struggles in the mountains where I am as t mobile is overwhelmed in this area. The ATT works fine. I brought the Calyx to my shop in C Florida and will use it there until October, when I leave the mountains. At the shop I get 182mb with the Calyx. At that time I may send the ATT back and get a second Calyx. I would love to support the FMCA program and it current ATT offering lets me stream, but in the end the price for the amount of MB is not making much sense.
  7. It will be on the same monthly basis. Why not wait to see and not worry.
  8. Just tested both ATT and Calyx at my current location in the mountains. ATT average 3.9 Calyx average 1.9
  9. Can you share a link to which speed test you are using? Thanks
  10. I am not sure how much you need. I am in the mountains and get 7mb down and I can stream different movies on different tvs simultaneously. So 12 is not a good thing? What can you not do with 12? Its a mifi, not cabled internet
  11. I see many posts where people are calling ATT or going to the store. They have absolutely nothing to do with this plan. You have to go through tech connect. You signed up with tech connect, they are administering the plan, not ATT Give Tech Connect a break, they are swamped. If you are not happy with your download speed get Starlink.$599 for equipment and $135 month. A friend has had great results.
  12. Yup, its really simple math. I have the new Techconnect/att and the Calyx. Price wise, the Calyx is a better deal. I just need 2 right now for diff locations
  13. No call, just received it without a call. As for the m2000, they told the caller they will send them a smaller sim upon request
  14. Then tech connect needs to get their ---- together
  15. I ordered the same day as you and received it Saturday, came Fed Ex
  16. Another RVer that called them. I trust the source, not sure I trust the support
  17. From what I have been told, you will be able to use the M2000 but you will need a different SIM. In two weeks you will be able to get the proper sim from TechConnect, so you supposedly can use the M2000. Check with them yourself to confirm I received my Moxie yesterday afternoon. The T mobile had the same download speeds but I could never stream Paramount + or other sources without constant buffering. And forget it if I wanted to use the computer at night, .25 signal on the T mobile. With the ATT I can stream all day and last night with zero buffering, we will see how it goes
  18. I have the Spruce/Denali not sure how to determine which that is.
  19. I am in NC also with the same issue. But, I think its because of congestion due to kids and folks being home and using the system
  20. Ordered mine this am. I have a wifi ranger denali. Are you saying we can install the sim in that and it will work? I asked them and they could not give a definite answer yet. But if your t mobile worked in it, att would work
  21. This is why I can not get through nor get a return call from Techconnect. EVERYONE is having issues.
  22. Called two weeks ago when I got the new unit, also emailed. No reply. Just sent in another email. Will call next week after Christmas. If they cannot give me a better mifi unit that works properly I will just cancel.
  23. You also have to have legitimate receipts for where you "stayed", fuel, maintenance, etc. Its not about just staying out of CA for a year. You have to show real usage.
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