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  1. Thanks Rayin. I agree that RV manufacturers often do not follow all the instructions and specifications from the fridge manufacturers. In my situation, it turned out that the installation met all of Dometic's installation/ventilation specifications for side wall intake and exhaust venting. I did consider moving the exhaust vent to the roof, which is Dometic's preferred location, but decided to first try the much cheaper and easier draft shield approach. I suspect that the problem is at least partly caused by disruption of airflow by the awning support arm, which is located just in front of the fridge vents (on right in picture above).
  2. Hopefully you have been able to get the problem fixed, but if not, I think I have the solution for you. I had a nearly identical problem with my Dometic refrigerator in my TT, spending hundreds of dollars at numerous repair shops over the past 3 years, but they never were able to fix the problem. I even replaced the fridge with a brand new one, but that did not fix it either. I was just recently able to diagnose and fix it myself. The problem was TOO MUCH AIRFLOW over the external condenser coils while driving down the highway. The condenser coils were always stone cold while driving, instead of being warm or hot like they should have been. This excessive cooling of the condenser coils was preventing the refrigerant from vaporizing and circulating properly while driving, preventing the fridge from cooling. On my TT, both of the fridge vents are in the side wall, so I built two draft shields out of thin plywood and 2x2 boards to go over the vents, preventing excessive airflow across the condenser while driving. I thought I might have to take off the shields while parked to allow enough airflow, but the fridge has cooled just fine while parked with the shields in place, in temperatures up to the low 80s. The shields are attached with screws to allow for easy removal. I have attached a picture of a prototype I build out of cardboard.
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