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  1. My suggestion would be to research units with great reviews. ( higher Quality) then look at floor plans you like. . thats what I did bought a unit that I thought will be the least problematic . it had several minor issues, toil light lenses , marker light not working, but all where minor repairs I could do myself. I have about 300.00 in parts and I'm about half way done with issues. I was careful to stay away from troublesome units that just looked pretty.

  2. I have been researching campgrounds for our excursion in May. from St. Louis up toward Chicago, up to southern Wisconsin, across to Iowa , south through Hannibal and back down to St. Louis.

     I have tried Just googling RV campgrounds in each area we are planning to stay over, then tried Good Sams book , Googled KOAs in areas. and so on. each search yields different results. Thinking about tripwizard but not sure it combinds all the groups. Also totally confused on how KOAs work for discounts, how you know which discount club each campground accept. I do check reviews on each. Looking for advise! any and all will be greatly appreciated

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