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  1. HagerHawk

    Air Throttle

    Good Morning, On my coach I just bought it has a Williams Controls air throttle for a foot pedal. The motor home sat up for most of the past year and the throttle hangs a little and takes a bit to idle back down. It was just a little fun on my drive home as you have to really plan your stops in advance. If I take the air hoses off and put a little air tool oil in the valve should that unstick or is there something else i need to look for? I've never seen a air throttle, how do these work in regards to moving the throttle back on the engine. I was assuming there was a cable, but iwth it being air does it have a servo or something back on the fuel system? Thanks, Tony
  2. Temperature today was close to 70 deg, I just had the tank filled on the way home from picking up the Coach, Gage showed it to be 3/4 but now it is already showing 1/2 Could I have a possible leak and it is pulling air?
  3. Just bought my motorhome and it has a recently replaced 5/2015 Cummins / Onan 6500 generator that runs on Propane. The unit only has 152 hours since they replaced it. They also told me it has not been used since June of 2020 While the unit will crank, it will not stay running for more than a few minutes. Varies each time I get it to crank. I'm getting a generic code of 36 (Engine cutoff) most of the time and a couple of times I got a code of 15 (Frequency issue) which states to lighten the load and restart. I'm not running any load that I know of as all the appliances are turned off. No heaters running . Maybe refrigerator is on propane. Any ideas what I might troubleshoot? Why it will not remain running? Thanks, Tony
  4. I got a quote for Progressive while shopping for my RV, then I found FMCA and it said they could save me money at Progressive, their quote was $500 more.
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