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  1. I installed the HWH 625 fully automatic leveling jacks on my Tioga 32' 10 years ago and other than having multiple returns with a defective front cylinder, I have had no functional issues with the jacks. Recently, I have noticed that after leveling the rig, the rig becomes off level towards the passenger side. This happens within 4-6 hours and progressively gets worse over the next 12 hours. It looses about 1/4" of height per 24 hour period and requires a readjustment usually daily. There are no leaks in any of the hoses, connections, cylinders or control system as I have inspected it closly. I suspect it is some check valve or other valve assembly at the control system but don't know how to trouble shoot so I can identify the part(s) and replace them. Would appreciate some conversation with anyone willing to share their experiences in this area and maybe part numbers for part replacement if possible. Thank you in advance and stay safe. John
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