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  1. My question is one that I've been waiting a week to get an answer .......I just was billed my normal 49.95 last week. When I activate the ATT hotspot will I get billed immediately or will the 59.95 be billed on my usual date? Since Tech Connect is not answering, has anyone here heard anything on this subject?
  2. Well said. Nobody is trying to sell another plan. Our complaint is we are not getting what we were sold UNCAPPED data.
  3. I think the point is that we are paying more now for slower speeds than promised on an outdated modem. If I spend $1k on a trip of the line modem I'll still only get 12 mb/s. Not sure what resolution you're streaming movies on but 12 mbs won't cut it for 4k or 3ven 1080p movies
  4. Has anyone heard any news about how Calyx is handling the change to T-Mobile? I'm not quite ready to drop $750 and find out they're having troubles too.
  5. So, my question is.......is this due to the Moxie or, as you suggested, throttling?
  6. I just read on MIA (RV Mobile Internet) that they believe the ATT plan is the same as the ATT Busness plan where max speed will be 12mbs. Can anyone here confirm this or tell us if they are getting better speeds on the Moxie?
  7. I've been near Jacksonville, FL for over a week and my Sprint MiFi has been over 200 down and 30 up. No problems streaming or slow downs here. Over 80 used
  8. Once they disable my MiFi I'm done with this plan. I'll go back to hotspoting from my Visible phone. The Alcatel is junk.
  9. Hey Doc. I thought you said you stay away from T-Mobile and Sprint??
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