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  1. I pull an Equinox on a 38 ft gasser with a 26000 chassis. I also sometimes pull a Colorado with a motorcycle in the back that weighs 5000# My max towable is 5000# so I am at maximum gcwr, and the rv does fine. There is a difference but I can pull hills with trucks and cruise at 70mph with no problems. I regularly run it across scales to be sure I do no go over. I keep my water tank empty and I am right at max gcwr. You will not have a problem
  2. Some good info here. I have been towing an equinox auto trans for about 50,000 miles. The manual states to start the engine for about 10 minutes at each gas stop. This not only lubes the trans but charges the battery. I start the engine whenever I stop and I never have a dead battery and do not have to bother with a charging line. Have a charger module handy in case you need it. They are the size of a cell phone and work great.
  3. I had the same problem with my Southwind. The dash is mounted on brackets that extend frm the front of the coach, not attached very well on the sides, Simple fix, cut a 1x4 oard the length from the floor to the mountng bracket and wedge it in against the wall. Works great and costs nothing
  4. The mold under the film is ugly. The film is extremely difficult to remove. I studied several utube videos and tried three different processes including products and tools from a company called Uglyshieldremoval in Florida. I spent over 20 hours and had removed about 6 square feet. I sold the coach and got a new one in 2016. I now follow the manufacturer advice closely: remove all bugs and clean the surface every day. Use formula 404 regularly. The juice in bugs penetrates the surface and causes mold to grow under the surface. A friend had his professionally removed and replaced for 2500.00
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