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  1. Update from OP, Advise needed we are currently looking at 4 different coach's. Our 2 favorites are a 2006 Holiday rambler Endeavor 40' & 2007 Country Coach Inspire 40'. However I have the same skepticism with both of them since they both have a 400HP Caterpillar engine. I have been given advise to only buy a coach with a Cummings engine since they are still manufacturing road engines today and CAT is not. I've been told that techs are no longer being trained to repair CAT engines like they are Cummings. I've also been told that the CAT parts are not as readily available which could leave me stranded somewhere I don't want to be for an extended period of time. So my question for the experienced experts is, are these legitimate concerns that I should have or not? Would you buy a coach with a CAT engine today? Thanks in advance for your time and opinions, Don
  2. manholt, I saw your previous response to the OP. Since I am coach shopping and never owned one before you brought up something I never considered. I did not know they all did not operate using the same mechanical system. In your opinion is there one that is better than the other (ele/hyd) as far as reduced problems and robustness? Do you know which system is preferred and used by the higher end coach builders? Don
  3. Bill, I didn't care much for the Vectra (to much carpeted area). The Foretravel is AMAZING but unfortunately it exceeds my budget. Is that NIRVC site REPO's or something like that? They give more warnings about the sale of a vehicle than some prescriptions do. Thanks for the help I will keep monitoring these sites, Don
  4. Update from OP. I missed out on a couple nice coaches this week I was 1 day late on a 2003 Country coach in SC then 3 days late for a 2007 Newmar in Michigan (this one is still pending, so maybe). Another question for all as far as the emissions change laws. I want pre emissions law changes but have been getting different info on the year to purchase. Some have told me to search 2008 and older, others have said 2007 and older. Is this manufacture specific or did all change over the same year? What year should my cut off be? Again thanks all for your input, Don
  5. Carl, I did also like the Beaver and read good things about it and found a couple of those listed. I haven't seen many of the others you mentioned listed in Michigan but will be watching for them in the future. wildebill308 as added Newmar and if I follow your 2003 suggestion I may be able to fit that in the budget as well. Thanks for the suggestions, Don
  6. Thank you all for your opinions. Being a beginner every piece of information helps. We have looked at hundreds of coach's on line but none in person yet. We thought we would narrow it down to exactly what we want (brand, length, engine, age) prior to getting out to look in person so as not to waste the sellers time or ours. The floor plan layout suggestions were great, we hadn't thought much about it (buying used as opposed to new we just thought it is what it is). We have changed and narrowed our search some since we began looking, our current search options are below. Also I am really liking what I have read about Holiday Ramblers manufactured during the model years we are searching for. Up to 40' 2005-2008 Diesel Pusher 330HP, Minimum Cummins engine 3 slides, minimum One piece fiberglass roof, must have Booth Dinette Sleeps 4, minimum Thanks all, Don
  7. New Member here hoping to be in a used coach soon and would appreciate any advice from the experienced talent on this site. My wife and I are looking at used 32'-36' Class A's and I have more questions than I can fit in this post so any advice would be appreciated. I've never owned a RV (rented before) so I need all the help I can get to avoid buyers remorse. I would like a diesel since we plan on traveling through some mountains and I want the power to be available when needed. I plan to hire an inspector before purchasing. I have a concern with some of these 10 year old coach's with very low mileage,should I? What type of gas mileage should I expect to get on a diesel? Looking for advice on brands, chassis, engines as well as what to completely steer clear of. but any advice would be appreciated. Thank Y'all for your time. Don
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