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  1. I have tried bringing it in with the engine running, but not with the idle increased markedly. I did connect jumper cables between the engine batteries and the house batteries, but it still did not come in more than an inch. Is it possible that whatever that slides moves on, to come in, is worn out? I just checked the house batteries and the are at 12.2, but with the converter on, it looks like those batteries are charging. I totally confused, because the slideout acts like it is dragging on something that won’t let it come in. I don’t believe there are rollers under there, unless they are something that stays in place, in other words, part of the chassis and bot part of the slideout. Does anyone know the answer to that question. replacing the batteries, since they are 3 1/2 years old is an option, but that stay may not solve the problem. But, at least I’ll have new batteries.
  2. The converter was on when the batteries were tested, so I will try ian’s suggestion. Hey, at this point, anything is worth a try. I have verified that nothing is blocking the slide from coming in.. I turned the converter off over night. The reading on the house batteries is now 12.0 volts and dropped to 11.9 under load. After one try, the slide wouldn’t move, so I pushed the battery boost and it came in about an inch and stopped, but wouldn’t go back out without the battery boost. So, I am off to buy three new house batteries and we will go from there.
  3. My wife and I live at Happy Trails RV Resort, in Surprise, Arizona during the winter and travel during the summers. I have had the big slideout on my 2005 Winnebago Vectra 40AD, out for about three months, since we sleep in our motorhome at night. I need to get the slideout in, so I can take the rig into the shop, but the big slide will only come in about an inch.The HWH leveling system works fine to level the coach. The batteries are at 13.3 volts and the fluid level in the hydraulic pump reservoir is normal. The voltage level does not fluctuate when the slide stops coming in. I’ve had a RV technician looks at it, but he is stumped. He is certain that it’s not a pump or battery issue. So, and ideas?
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