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  1. The diagnosis and estimate I received was from Cummins Sales and Service - Columbia, SC branch. Thanks for your input!
  2. Another consideration is the width of the vehicle relative to the width between the dolly fenders. I would recommend loading the vehicle onto the dolly and check the space between the fenders and the body of the toad. Keep in mind that, if the dolly pan swivels, the trailing edge of the dolly fenders will turn toward the toad. If in doubt, once your vehicle is properly loaded (centered) onto your dolly, have at least one spotter watch the space between the dolly fenders and your toad as you cautiously execute a left and right turn. I dealt with this issue last summer when considering using a different vehicle as a toad. Ended up not being able to use the vehicle I originally intended (Honda Oddessy minivan) because, although the prospective toad vehicle specs indicated that the wheel width was appropriate, the manner in which the vehicle body "flared" out wider than the wheels made it unsuitable to use as a toad on my Stehltow car dolly. I ended up purchasing a 2008 Chevrolet Uplander minivan to use as a toad. It has worked out well. Good luck and safe travels to you!
  3. Perhaps I am being a bit naive but... Is it not logical to expect that all necessary/appropriate checks and tests would have been performed by the Cummins techs in order to arrive at the aforementioned diagnosis -- and the resulting $349.36 diagnostic fee? That is, after all, why I went to the experts/professionals for assistance.
  4. On a recent trip, my check engine light came on and the turbo power dropped dramatically -- especially on uphill climbs (naturally). Went to a Cummins shop near my destination for diagnosis. Was told that the cause was: "Troubleshoot fault 539 - open circuit detected at the transient suppressor in the injection control valve circuit in the engine harness". Estimate to correct the issue included replacing the following: Harness, ETR CNT MDL WRG Bracket, Wiring Retainer Kit, Fuel Distributor Pump, CAPS Fuel ISC ICV Was told that the harness would have to be special ordered and would take a substantial amount of time to arrive. Since I could not wait indefinitely for the part to be ordered, manufactured and delivered, I had no option but to drive my MH back home -- a bit over 1,000 miles. Total cost estimate for repairs was $6,208.22. Not being a mechanic, I am wondering if, since the service tech led me to believe that the primary issue was the ETR CNT MDL wRG Harness, do all of the other items listed also commonly go bad at the same time? Thoughts?
  5. We have now towed it on a trip from home to Black Hills to Grand Teton, Yellowstone and Glacier National parks and back home. Then, just a week later, we towed it from home to Myrtle Beach, SC and back. It has worked out well. Jim
  6. Update regarding my original toad question... We ended up purchasing a 2008 Chevy Uplander. Took it on a trip from central Iowa to Mount Rushmore, Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park... and back home. Uplander works well as a toad. Thanks for all your input!
  7. Do you flat tow your Kia or do you have another brand of dolly? If a different dolly, what brand and how wide is it? Thanks!
  8. We have considered skipping the toad option and just use the Odessy as a "chase" vehicle -- rotating chase drivers between my daughter, son-in-law and wife. Might end up doing that but would prefer having everyone traveling together in the MH. Does anyone have any thoughts about using a Ford Flex as a toad? Thanks! Jim
  9. I have considered going to a flat tow scenario but, since I already own a dolly, would prefer (if possible) to continue using it. Body width of the toad is the primary concern regarding using the dolly. I know the time will come all too soon that grandkids will become too busy and/or will no longer want to travel with us -- which will eliminate the need for increased passenger capacity. However, for the next five years or so, we need additional seating. Thanks! Jim 2003 Winnebago Ultimate Advantage Central Iowa
  10. Looking for suggestions for a toad that can seat 6 (4 adults and 2 teenagers) in reasonable comfort and be towed safely on a Stehl tow dolly. Have tried a 2008 Honda Odessy. Was able to get it on the dolly but could not make turns without dolly fenders making contact with vehicle body. Thanks! Jim 2003 Winnebago Ultimate Advantage
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