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  1. Well it cost $250.00 for the unit and $500.00 for the year. Your paying $719.88 for a year. Next year I'll be paying $500.00 a year you will still be paying $719.88
  2. Got my Calyx a few days ago, it's the same M2000 on the same T-mobile, but it's a huge improvement. Don't know why. Ran them side by side at around 6 pm, got 0.38mbps with the FMCA M2000 and 28.0 mbps with the CalyxM 2000. 3 bars of 5G showing on both devices. Only had 32gb on the FMCA so it shouldn't have been throttling. No issues now with streaming two tv's at the same time. Couldn't stream on one tv before. It little pricy to get at $750.00 the first year because your paying for the hotspot. But it drops to $500.00 a year after that, so it comes out at $41.66 a month and unlimited no throttling.
  3. ATT gets signal from an ATT tower. Campground signal comes from whatever service the campground uses.
  4. I might as well be in Detroit. I'm in a small town in North Carolina not exactly a metropolis. Yesterday I had a speed of 58 mbps at 7 am by 8pm it was 0.27 mbps. I had dial up faster than that in the 80's. I could understand throttling from 50 to 15 or 20mbps but to make it unusable is a bit extreme.
  5. It's not as great a deal anymore, now if you go over 50 gb you may get throttled. I didn't get throttled till I got to my recent location. Early in the morning I get speeds in the 60,s but in the evening it drops down to almost unusable speed, lot's of buffering when streaming. Speeds are 1.5 to 3mps. I'll be in the park till the end of summer to see if fuel prices come down before I continue traveling. Someone in the park recomended Calyx internet to me it's $750.00 to buy in for the first year because you have to buy the hot spot from them then it's $500.00 year after that $8.33 a month less than techconnect. And no throttling. So I ordered it a couple days ago. Don't have it yet. If you only need 4g it's $500.00 first year then $400.00 a year after that. I don't have any affiliation with them it's just the best price I've seen (except the first year) for unlimited. It's also T-mobile by the way.
  6. Heavier than expected, but I just drug it across the carpet to an out of the way spot. Carpet was going to be coming out anyway so nothing to damage.
  7. Oh yeah, I forgot I removed the passenger seat.
  8. We had a propane fridge in our '05 Safari, I replaced it with a GE 3 door residential. It fit thru the door with out the fridge doors on, just had to disconnect the scissor hinge on top of the door so it could swing all the way open. I measured the entry door then went to Home Depot and Lowes and measured the refrigerators until I found one that would fit in the opening for the original fridge.
  9. I had been dreaming of retiring and traveling in an rv for several years. We had a small 20ft trailer that we took trips in to camp at National Parks. In 2015 I financed (the used at the time) coach we have now. I wanted to retire at 62, (retired at 64)but my wife had a medical issue and it had to be postponed. I worked for a logistics company that had a contract with a large tire company. The tire company cancelled the contract with my company and offered us the opportunity to switch to the new company. This included pay reduction, loss of some paid holidays and a loss one one of my 4 weeks vacation, among other things I didn't care for. So I took that as a sign it was time now to retire. This was March of '21. Wife retired in June she continued working while I got everything sold. We put the house up for sale and sold it for much more than we paid, did not want to deal with renters, the house across the street was a rental and was always getting trashed. Paid off the coach, sold belongings. The Jeep was already paid off. We have only been at it for 8 months but it has been great so far even with some hiccups with repairs the coach needed. No boredom yet. We can hike, see new places have different views out the window from lakes, rivers, mountains,forest or desert. Some RV parks have ponds you can fish in without a license. We bought some ebikes to ride around on. Wife is still a little scared of hers. We found the we enjoy the Corps of Engineers parks, always on a body of water. And with the National Park senior pass they are 1/2 price. So around 8 to 10 dollars a night at the ones we have been to. And yes I wish we could have started sooner. And saying maybe next year, may not work out. Had a coworker that waited till he turned 70 to retire, he and his wife were going to go on cruises around the world. One month after he retired she suddenly passed away. So if you have the means, do it while can and your healthy. We aren't wealthy but we are making do and living comfortably with our Social Security. We found that staying places 2 weeks or more gets you lower rv site rates and gives you more exploration time without needing to rush around and see all the sights in a couple days.
  10. Supposed to be 81 today here in Georgia.
  11. T-mobile sim works in my M2000. Make sure it's seated properly, mine didn't work at first so I took the sim out and put it back in till I heard a click. Been fine since then.
  12. I'm in Georgia M2000 with T-mobile, I'm at 263gb used no slow down. Just checked got 104.95 down 78.89 up
  13. When I was getting the slower speed on the M2000 with the tmobile sim it was only on 4G...lately it's been connecting on 5G again and speeds are back up. I'm over the 50gb cut down point but I just checked it 100.50 down 55.46 up
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