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  1. Will Thor Kill Tiffin? https://rv.org/blogs/news/will-thor-kill-tiffin
  2. Hi Doc, I sent a question to support at CR and haven't heard back yet. I'll ask it here so others can benefit ... I subscribed yesterday for $49 and got access to campgroundreviews.com, 2 other websites and a cellphone app. You get a lot for your money! There seems to be some common information/data in the 4 choices. Can you offer advice on when to use one vs. the other? Campground Reviews (PC) RVTripWizard (PC) RVLife (PC) RV Life (iPhone app) Thanks, Brooks
  3. Thanks for the post, Ross. I can't quite picture that, but I get the idea/reason. Our hatch has no place to hook things.
  4. When we FT'ed 2004-2008 we had a Swagman rack and bikes mounted behind the MH when we towed, then moved the rack and bikes to the toad when we went biking somewhere. We sold that rack and Swagman doesn't make that one anymore. I can probably set up something similar with this Swagman Traveler XC2 rack: https://www.swagman.net/product.htm?pid=828192&cat=40497, but I will need to get buy a new 2" hitch for the toad to replace the perfectly good 1.25" that is on there now. So I'm thinking maybe I should just tow with the bikes on the back of the toad (covered of course). It does make things a little longer going down the road, but this MH is 7-8' shorter than the last one. I'm trying to think about any other downsides to doing this. Does anyone else tow with bikes on the back of the toad? (ours is a Honda CRV) Any thoughts on this appreciated.
  5. Greg, do you stow the tow bar due to concern over theft?
  6. Thanks for the post, Bill. Any suggestions for class C? Brooks
  7. We're getting back on the road after being off for 13 years. Last time was FT'ing in a Tiffin Allegro Bay, this time will be snowbirding in a class C. We did like our Allegro Bay a lot, but need something easier to drive. We could use help finding the good C manufacturers who care about their customers and stand behind their products. We've been reading many posts about poor quality, leaks, unresponsive manufacturers, RV's tied up in service for weeks or months. Hope some of the experience folk here can point us in the right direction. So far a lot of people like their Lazy Daze, but there aren't many on the market. Wrote to see what the lead time is. Entegra seems it like might be a better brand. There must be others. We want gas, something large enough to live in for several months (28'+?), brown/tan interior, larger frig (12 cu ft), leveling jacks, awning, 1+ slides, queen bed, no step up bedrooms, generous clothes closets/drawers, enough counter space to prepare meals, ~32" TV, pull out pantry preferred. Appreciate any suggestions/advice. Brooks
  8. We had a good experience putting our motorhome on consignment with PPL Motorhomes in Houston, TX. They specialize in consignments. We thought they were honest and nice to work with. Brooks
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