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  1. I will be renting a RV in Alaska that does not have an inverter. I need to purchase an inverter that can run inside the unit connecting to the cigarette lighter to power my CPAP machine. I want to be able to use the CPAP machine with the humidifier and heat tube features engaged. Is there an inverter made with a cigarette lighter connection that has sufficient continuous wattage power to run my CPAP machine with these features engaged, and if so, who is the manufacturer and what is the model?
  2. Planning to fly to Alaska and rent a 24-25 ft RV there for a 3 week trip within Alaska in the July - mid September 2021 period. Would appreciate input regarding the following: 1. Don't want to take my RV to Alaska so plan to rent. Recommended RV rental agency. Important things I need to know/consider in renting an RV. 2. Recommended 3 week itinerary. Don't want to be constantly on the move so no less than 2 nights in a location. Want to include Denali. Start and end in Anchorage or Fairbanks or start in one and end in other. 3. Highly recommended activities/attractions/sights along above recommended itinerary. 4. Best time within the above 2.5 month period for the 3 week itinerary. 5. Recommended campground in Denali and making a reservation. 6. Recommended campgrounds within the itinerary. 7. Other pertinent info/tips in planning this trip. Thanks for any and all help given.
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