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  1. That is what I thought. I will try going to an AT&T store. They couldn’t help me via chat or talking with an AT&T online specialist.
  2. I have made the transition. I now have the Moxie modem and it is working. Unfortunately it is only 4g. I did read we can use service on our own device to get 5g. Has anyone done this? If so what modem? I just spent hours on phone and internet with AT&T trying to buy a netgear nighthawk, AT&T is clueless about this account, it was very frustrating. I am going to try and visit a local store to see if I get further. the Netgear Nighthawk M6 looks like it would be perfect. I just can’t figure out how to buy it without signing up for a new AT&T account.
  3. We are new to FMCA, our package came in today. I only see my name on the membership. My wife may take our RV out without me, how do I make sure she is added and covered?
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