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  1. I'm in my 80s and fully agree. Add a comprehensive list of reliable repair facilities state-by-state.
  2. I'm a brand new member with a 2012 RT. Two things convinced me to join: forums where I can ask questions and the Assist insurance. I'm 81, my companion 84, so the transportation in case of accident/illness is VERY appealing. The cost was not a deterrent at all. In addition to a few week-long camping trips, I go on a 10,000+ miles of back road rambling each fall. This year, my 5th in a row, will be Oregon to NYC returning through the midwest. The last 4 trips have been on freeways a total of about 300 miles. All who wander are not lost.
  3. I received a response from FMCA saying that a member can have one passenger, and that person is covered under the insurance. Good to know and brings peace of mind for a couple of 80+ year olds. I did list her on my membership but had read the info about domestic partner requirements. There is not any mention in the policy document about passengers other than minors (that I could find anyway).
  4. I have a traveling companion who is not a family member so not covered under my FMCA insurance. Can she purchase a FMCA membership as an Associate and does that qualify for the Assist benefits. The benefit of interest is personal transportation should something bad happen. She is not a driver of the RV.
  5. I have a 1999 Dodge xPlorer, 20' that I just bought a newer Roadtrek so don't need two.
  6. I saw that and have the same question. I've read it carefully and can't see a difference other than the words "medical or surgical treatment or diagnosis thereof". One might take that as saying that they don't treat the illness itself, but if so it's poorly worded. This needs to be clarified.
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