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  1. We did! I flew for a company in ABQ for a couple years. Love the area.
  2. We’re in Midlothian, TX; just south of Dallas. Figured we’d do an easy trip out to a place north of Tyler. Then, most of our trips will center around lakes so I can take the boat. We have Yellowstone planned for July and then meeting my Dad in Albuquerque for Balloon Fiesta.
  3. W22 Thanks guys. I fixed it. Seems my three year old was playing in the seat and jammed the hazard switch. I fussed with it, got it back in alignment and it works perfect. We are excited for our first trip. We felt it would be wise to buy something old and depreciated for a few years to see how much we use it before jumping off the deep end.
  4. Hi I just bought a 2002 Winnebago Adventurer on a workhorse chassis. Getting ready for our first outing and the right turn signal is Stuck on. Hazards work. Left does not work. swapped out one of the two flashers as I had one with no change. Thoughts?
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