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  1. Hi! We have a 2008 Triple E Invitation and it's just the stock doorlock- but we want the wireless/bluetooth option to put it. Bauer told us we need the EM model with the large door hole but they are currently out of stock with no ETA on restocking! I'd be willing to try a different model if one can be recommended!
  2. The title of my thread would answer your question- NO WAY does it cost $45 to ship a book to Canada!
  3. Thing is that would NOT be the shipping price- I have envelopes come daily from the USA that would fit that sized book and FMCA is not even willing to look at finding me a solution! I am TRYING to utilize things available to me with the FMCA with the current border situation to make my membership beneficial and it seems as FMCA is not interested!
  4. I think the FMCA atlas lists all the campgrounds, RV safe routes etc- I have not found it at Walmart in Canada....I just thought if FMCA offered it- then it was something that was suppose to be of benefit to it's members- excuse me for thinking paying $45 for shipping a soft covered book essentially is an outrageous charge to FMCA's Canadian Members!
  5. Is the atlas available at Walmart? Walmart here offers free shipping online and in store pick up!
  6. Is the atlas not capable of fitting into a large brown envelope? I don't think that would cost $45 to send to me I'm not in the North Pole!
  7. I reached out to them on the chat and they flat out refused...I was very disappointed as this was my first interaction as we just joined this spring
  8. I was going to order the 2021 Atlas- and again, because I live in Canada the minimum shipping rate on a $17 atlas is $45 USD- come on FMCA you gotta do something to keep your Canadian members- I just joined this spring and I"m ready to ask for a refund with this insanity!
  9. When we bought our Class A last year the cupboard where the washer/dryer goes was about to have a new unit installed- we negotiated taking that off our deal price lowering it even further, and voila- perfect space for the litter box! We travel with our 4 bengals and have also gotten a badge from company in UTAH and renamed our rig the "Bengal Bus"
  10. Any update on this topic? With the USA land border still closed for the 2nd season in a row- I joined this spring in anticipation of it reopening- Canada has opened theirs but the USA still has not reciprocated- not FMCA issue- but again- if things don't open my membership will have been for nothing as I have not been able to benefit from any of the options in Canada yet
  11. Bauer EM is out of stock for an undisclosed period of time- is there any other models that are readily available from other makers? I need the larger EM model becuase of the size of the whole for the lock in our Class A! Thank you!
  12. Anyone out there with a rare bird like me? Triple E Invitiation made in Winkler Manitoba, Canada?
  13. I'd like to order the FMCA 2021 Road atlas- however, I"m in Canada and the shipping is over $45 for a $17 atlas!!! Would someone be willing to buy it for me if I paypal them and put it in a manilla envelope which I'm pretty sure you could send to me for $5 instead of $45? Thanks!
  14. HI- Is there a chapter up in Canada? I'm East Coast- Nova Scotia- however WHEN the land border opens I am Eastern Seaboard USA for 50-66% of my time! New FMCA Member a few months ago! Thanks!
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