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    We also have the SoftStart and am going to eco what mhouse mentioned, the instructions were a bit challenging but after conversation with SoftStart engineer (Danny) 915-235-6056 the process took less then 10 minutes. the lesson initial load on the generator and the noticeable (Lack of hammer start-up) defiantly worth the investment, but for compressor longevity? jury’s still out.
  2. Wayn77590 I monitor post frequently, I just don’t respond because of a particular site monitor that criticized me for asking a question on a old post that he felt that it wasn’t relevant, I see that person has commented on kev's posting, I believe there are no irrelevant questions. kev, we still own the Axis and have made many updates / improvements and still am a fan of the smaller class A's and B's, Ive seen and spoke to folks that have made the swap from mammoth A's to smaller more maneuverable RVs and are real happy with their choice, I still think its in how your utilizing your RV, I stand by my previous post, its all in purpose, its just me and the wife now and an occasional grand child but if it more then two or three or full timers defiantly you’ll need the space. If you would like to discuss further please message me, I really would prefer not to be scrutinized.
  3. (You will have to reconnect the cranking batteries when you go to recharge)? Re-Starting a generator with weak batteries,,Hmm. If you have a portable generator you can hook up to your MH to charge once a month and not worry about disconnecting batteries or any other unnecessary physical activities wile your under the weather. I hope you get well soon.
  4. Poly would probably make a big difference and I must admit I didn’t even think of changing them prior to a complete swap..
  5. Heading back to AK a few years ago driving through BC, Now this guy didn't forget anything!
  6. Thanks my sentiments exactly, My thoughts are if you purchase a particular year RV you search older blogs for relevant information.. Manholt you make it up to AK look us up.
  7. Not required is what I was looking for… fourm: a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.
  8. Thanks for that, what I have experienced on RV Blogs is that people do searches for like this particular topic (AXIS) and read relevant info. I will for now on not add to dated topics i will make sure they are up to date if that is what is required.
  9. I defiantly agree with wildbill308 and wolfe10 on purchasing a used MH that has had the upgrade like sway bars updated and shocks for starters, we own the Axis and have put may $$ and time getting it road worthy to travel between AK and NV without (God Willing) not to many hickups and keep the white knuckle stress level to a minimum..
  10. We Own the Axis and have owned other RVs that are much taller and longer and I see the coach size to be a choice in what capacity your are using it, we like to travel spending a week or less in most places that is why we chose the Axis, when we had the kids at home and had a specific place to go and stay the real-estate behind the drivers and passenger seat was important, now we pull a Jeep Wrangler and combined length is 41ft. much easer to navigate. Just a different perspective.
  11. We own the 2015 Axis 24.1 I know what your experiencing, we installed the Hellwig Sway bars from Amazon. Front 7085 Rear 7718 not sure if those are what your RV would need but I can tell you it was a game changer, also I would recommend a steering stabilizer shock, many to choose from just get rid of the stock one, I would recommend a Bilstine. All the great info that was posted defiantly add those to the equation.. Enclosed are a couple pics showing the differences. Hope all this helps.. and also Welcome to FMCA!
  12. We purchased the 5-Star Tuner also put in a K&N Air Cleaner system. Last month we traveled from Wasilla, AK to Valdez, AK many mountain ranges! Once we returned back to the barn and added up fuel receipts and mileage MPG 9.8. That’s pulling a 2008 Jeep Wrangler. I can say that installing both has played a significant roll in performance and fuel mileage, we are retired so we use the 1 vehicle rule, if we are holding up 1 vehicle we slow down enough so they can pass. The Tuner does refine the shifting pattern also advances timing, our experience is that the MH uses H/P instead of down shifting and RPMs. The K&N was a Bit%$ installing and when you put your foot in it you can tell a difference, a bit more throaty. The K&N has many differences of opinions but I can contest that it was well worth the money and time. 2015 Thor Axis: Upgraded bumper to bumper.
  13. Yes sir, but as soon as housing prices get back to sane evaluation we are hoping to pick up a place in Nevada to spend the winter months..
  14. Thanks Bill, Herman and wildebill, was a great trip to Valdez heading off to Fairbanks soon to visit the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum (fountainheadmuseum.com) among other stops, its amazing the cars / trucks that are on display, always a great time. will post pics when we get back..
  15. Drove to Vald Traveled to Valdez AK and spent a few days with friends, Wonderful Trip! Stayed at the Bear Paw RV Park great downtown close to amenities highly recommend if you find yourself heading that way.
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