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  1. Thanks, I located the sensors on the gray tank. They are right behind the panel inside the wet bay. I didn't see anything obvious with the current sensors, all connections appear to be solid and they are secured to the tank. The only thing I saw was a couple of Pex lines that go by the 1/3 sensor, but they don't seem to be close enough that it would impact anything, still I may try to pull them back away from the sensor as far as possible and check again. For the LP tank I have a Mopeka pro sensor. It is secured to the bottom of the horizontal tank and for good measure I have a webbed net that would catch it if it came loose. On our last trip we hit a lot of very rough roads here and there and the sensor stayed in place. The mopeka LP sensor is very accurate. It reads out in % with the app on the smart phone. When the tank was freshly filled it reported 80%, and has been tracking well as we have used LP. Instead of the Seelevel system I was thinking about the Mopeka pro water sensor, that is $70 and attaches to the bottom of the grey (or fresh) water tank with a collar and 3M double sided tape. That is a savings over the Seelevel system, and since I already have the LP covered seems like the way to go. Initially I didn't think I could use the Mopeka on the gray tank, but I found that there is enough clearance where I can get to the bottom of the tank with no issue. So I'll give that a try. When I was thinking I would need to use the Seelevel instead I was looking a a fair amount of work to install it, mainly at the panel end. I was going to print a mounting bezel/spacer to mount it over the level LEDs and add holes to route the cable through to the back side of the panel. I guess if in the future the black and/or fresh sensors start to fail, or the indicator panel fails then I'll look at installing the Seelevel system.
  2. Hi, We've had our Vista for about 2.5 years, and have been careful with the Black and Gray tanks. Sensors have been working quite well up until recently. The Black sensors are still working very well, and are accurate. But the Gray tank has started always reporting 1/3 full even when fully empty. This was a bit intermittent, but now is a solid 1/3 after emptying. I've done a couple of cleanings over a 4 day period to try and degrease but that hasn't helped. As mentioned it had been a bit intermittent and would change sometimes within the same day. Before it started being a hard 1/3 if when from showing 1/3 to flickering a bit and then to empty. That was in the morning but by afternoon it was back to a solid 1/3. The sensors are external and not through the tank wall. Before I start tearing things apart I wondered if anyone knows where the sensors are located on the Vista 20VE Gray tank. That might save me some time hunting down the location. Note I'm considering adding the Seelevel system, but I still need to locate the existing sensors so I could use the existing wiring if I go that route. Thanks, Burt
  3. This is a fairly old thread, but thought I would add my experience with the latest (as of March 2023) FMCA AT&T plan. Back home it was working to the limit of the basic plan 12 Mbs. And even a couple of hundred miles from home. But at the FMCA rally in Perry Georgia (March 2023) I was getting downloads of less than 1 Mbps. Uploads were usually at about 12 Mbps. OK, figured lots of people using it. But when we got to Bushnell FL it worked OK for a bit but then speeds dropped without moving, even late at night. In some cases back down to the 1 Mbps range. Totally unacceptable. At Seffner FL it's all over the place. Most of the time totally unusable. TechConnect support suggested doing a factory reset to pick up a change they had tried. Before the reset I was getting about 6 Mbps after the reset under 2 Mbps. It comes and goes. Cell signal strength is 4 bars... Pretty much a waste of my money and time. Previously I had T-mobile based service from a different 3rd party vendor and never had these issues. But they were jacking the price up to over $130 per month, for capped data, and that was the cheapest T-Mobile plan they offered. I got a general SIM at the Rally and before I return and cancel the plan I'll try that SIM with my previous cell gateway which is approved for AT&T. If that is still crap I'll cancel this and probably bite the bullet to get Starlink. If I have to pay >$130 to get cell data with all the issues then I might as well go all in for Starlink. It's not that much more in the scheme of things (other than the initial HW hit).
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