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  1. Just tested my AT&T hotspot on Fast.com as Willbeeind suggested. 4.2 Mbps. Ran it twice.
  2. Instead of shutting this down, it would be more helpful if someone from FMCA would offer a response. Clearly there is a problem with the AT&T “service”. Does FMCA care, are they looking into it, do they have any comment or advice? Any comment at all related to this? That would go a long way to reducing the bickering and complaints. I’ve turned in a help desk ticket and got zero response or “help”.
  3. Honestly you can’t deny the service from AT&T is vastly inferior. When I had the Sprint Inseego I got 100-200 mbps and 5G. We went to TMobile and it dropped to 40-50 but I didn’t notice much drop in service. I could still stream Netflix and surf the web. With the new AT&T service I get 8-12 mbps and I can no longer stream Netflix - message says I don’t have high speed internet and my speed doesn’t support streaming. AT&T is taking advantage of FMCA members. You can buy a prepaid AT&T plan for 5 G, 100 GB a month for $50. Search the web and see. So all the emotion above is misdirected, fellow members aren’t the issue, a bad deal from AT&T is. And I’m putting my money where my mouth is and canceling my Tech Connect service. It’s pains me to do so because I believe FMCA has our best interest at heart. But AT&T is selling us an inferior service and I won’t be taken advantage of.
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