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  1. On 1/24/2022 at 7:56 AM, brianreed said:

    I have been working from the road for a couple years, not fulltime, but for several months at a time.  I have used a combination of a ATT and Verizon hotspots, and also my phone for backup.  I purchased Nomad Internet, which was great for about a year of so.  Their support was so shady I did some looking and all I can say is that the company has some questionable business practices that I did not feel comfortable using them anymore.  And it would stop working then days or weeks later I would get new equipment... anyway I would run from them.

    I saw other options, but decided to give the new Tmobile Home Internet a try, and so far it has been great.  I still have my ATT and Verizon, but they are now my backup.  There are no equipment costs and it is a flat $50 a month with autopay, and there is no commitment so really there is zero risk to giving it a try.  I have only been using it for 2 months and two different locations in WA, but it has been great.  5G unlimited and no throttling.  Until I can get Starlink this will be my go to.

    Thought I would share!

    THANKS FOR THE POST. We are looking into it as well. BTW we lived in the Mill Creek area 51stSE for 20 years. Moved in 2015 to Vancouver area. 

  2. On 9/8/2021 at 10:06 PM, aztec7fan said:

    I know in Colorado, chains are required to be carried from Sept 1st to may 31st.  I did some quick googling, but couldnt find any date restrictions in utah, california or wyoming.

    Chains are relatively cheap.  I always carry a set with me in my motorhome as well as spider bungie cords.  Haven't had to use them yet, but there have been a few times i thought i might need them.

    Thanks, all the sites to Nebraska require devices into May. A few require truck to carry 3 sets. I think we are good with one set of AutoSocks.

  3. Pretty sure the vast majority use the rule for the " just in case" situation. We are currently in a RV Class A only "resort" They have the rule but also general appearance rules as well. There are a number of older coaches but well cared for. A couple older Marathons and Prevost. 

  4. We are planning a trip from Portland Or to Upstate New York in the Spring. We will be taking 84 from Portland to Salt Lake City then 80 to Cheyenne Wy. Anybody  have an idea of when the mountain passes are typically free from traction tire or chain requirement? We are thinking on leaving in late March. Thanks all.

  5. 2021 Thor Aria: electric LCI motors. Like I said it comes to rest a little further out on the front edge. Maybe 1/2 more than the rear end. It comes in tight but then backs off. Thanks: Wayne: help out a US Navy Corpsman( severed with 1st Marines, 3rd tanks, and 175mm Self propelled -- still don't eat apricots.

  6. Hi: The passenger side slide has an issue. When it retracts the most forward edge pulls up against the body of the coach but then moves away slightly. Enough to be able to push my finger through the seal. The rear edge is fine, the front is about 3/8 to 1/2 inch further out than the rear. It is a LCI. Thanks for any suggestions.

  7. 9 hours ago, manholt said:

    If this is LD of Florida, I had 2 great buying experience from them!  Have your rig Serviced elsewhere!!!

    We don't know where your dealer is at, however if your within 300 miles of Atlanta, Ga., Nashville, Tenn., Dallas, TX., Phoenix, AZ. or Las Vegas, NV., I would have my rig (I do) Serviced by NIDRVC (National Indoors RV Center)!

    Portland Oregon area. LazyDays closed the deal and took over on Monday. It was a family owned B YoungRV.

  8. On 7/10/2021 at 4:47 AM, manholt said:

    HMCHW, I bet that you'll find the answer yourself by Oct.  Its a matter of adjustment of your door that's warped.  I had it on a 2007 WB Tour and on a 2011 Allegro Bus!

    Enjoy your Summer

    Contacted Challenger( door manufacturer): they jumped right on it. They and my customer service rep at Thor got together: Sending new door to dealer: will install the new door and paint. The dealer has an awesome in-house paint facility. I have found that involving the OEM manufacture directly along with Thor works the best.

  9. We have been trying since March has been to dealer 3 times. They have no clue. Took pictures and sent them to Thor. Not in spec. Need to remove and rehang using the shipping spacers the door manufacture has in when shipped to Thor. If that does not work they will put in a new door.

  10. Coming from 30+ years of boating: if you like the Tuscany or any other major RV purchase GET A PPI from a reliable inspector. Have them inspect every system, review service records and I would even have an oil analysis performed on both motor and transmission. I once had a survey(PPI) performed on a 40 foot boat. $3000 for the inspection discovered something that would cost $40-$80k to repair. We have an ARIA 2021 and have a couple minor issues but no big deal.

  11. In March we purchased our first MC. After 30 years of owning boats Aquabagos we decided it was time to travel and see land. Have been on the road about 40% of the time. Mostly 3-4 day camping trips near by and one 2,500 mile. Honestly, I could buy a 45 foot and full time. Loving it. I have been lurking and reading many suggestions so thanks for that too.


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