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  1. Thanks for all the ideas and suggestions. I ended up ordering a replacement which I installed this morning with great results. Everything is now working as it should. It appears the inverter was indeed bad. I plan on dissecting the old one at some point to figure out what went wrong.
  2. I have a 2006 Fleetwood Revolution LE. I have checked all fuses and breakers. I have checked the inverter to make sure the charge light is on. I can hear the charger coil buzzing when I turn it on. My ammeter says there is no power flowing through the wires that leave the inverter which leads me to believe the charger is not putting out power, yet when I remove the wires from the terminals the charger blinks red so it knows when the batteries are connected or not. I am about ready to replace the inverter at this point.
  3. I have a xantrex Freedom 458 that by all accounts checks out fine, but I'm not getting charging power to the batteries and the inverter is not pulling power from the batteries. Any help would be appreciated. Main fuses are good. No breakers are tripped, Isolator Relay is good. I'm not sure what else to try.
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