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  1. I ordered it yesterday morning and surprisingly received it today. It’s the M2000. Unpacked it and it was already activated and so far today it’s worked awesome. I hope it works out because I like the fact that it’s a truly unlimited plan. Time will soon tell!
  2. I searched this topic and I saw some older posts but I was wondering if there was an update since T-Mobile and Sprint joined together. I ordered the device today and I was just wondering how the Sprint Mifi unlimited plan through FMCA was working for people. Of course the Sprint map shows good signal all around me but I’m sure that may not be totally accurate. I’m in North Carolina and I’m going to visit Florida some during this coming winter months so I was wondering how the service is in those areas (opinions from people, not a Sprint map). Also, what Mifi model does the plan provide (I actually forgot to ask when I signed up today)! I figured that I would try it and if it didn’t work out good for me, I can always cancel it and I won’t be out too much money. Any input would be appreciated! Thanks…Trent
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