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  1. Bill, I got the Unit for Cummins from a guy called "Independent Mark Tool" his number is 908-873-7680. Hope it helps someone out, H esaid he will walk all customers through the process to do a reset and get rid of faults
  2. Here is photos of the unit. The bottom one is the plug in my Cornerstone for Cummins with a matching plug in the Kit. Look , I don't even know how to use it but my salesman is local/reputable and since we buy other tools from him and he assures me he can walk me through it anytime and I it works on any Cummins up to year 2022 ? It's not hard decision I had to go with it. I sure would like to know what that rocker switch is next to my plug though,,,,,,
  3. It's not an install, it plugs into the ECM only after the codes appear and we did use the program on our 2020 Peterbilt with the same 605 Cummins motor and that's when I had the brainstorm to get a cheaper version just for Cummins from the salesman . What baffled us was the 3 Aftertreatment Diesel Exhaust Fluid codes didn't come back on ,which kinda sucks because we aren't sure whether to fix it or not after the reset, but fortunately we are rarely more then 100 miles from our shop . This unit is basically like Snap On sends to car dealers for autos except it is for trucks and Heavy equipment. Our main unit cost us $7500 but covered all but John Deere Engines. This Unit plugs in under the dash into the ECM only when you throw a code problem, it is not a permanent mount or supposed to be a permanent fix ,it just happened to work well on our Peterbilt when we reset it,, so for the grand plus I paid , the Salesman Guaranteed me I wouldn't be left on the highway. I will go out to the RV and take some photos of the unit at some point and the multiple plugs it comes with. Now,, the RV very well may slowly go back into de Rate but my salesman assured me that at least I can keep resetting the computer if necessary and keep up to speed till I get home or a repair shop that can fix it.
  4. I Just bought a computer for my RV, just in case my Cummins 605 de rates. We found a company that has these computers for all of our excavating machines from Caterpillar to International to Cummins. I'm not planning on getting stuck anywhere,,,,, especially out west and waiting for parts or chancing getting hit in the slow lane or shoulder. So he set me up with a cheaper version computer for just Cummins for my RV. I'm not real computer savvy so the salesman said I can call him 7 days a week if I have a problem and he would walk me through it ,which is worth a lot to me. It must be pretty thorough and complete because he said I could change things in the computer like horsepower which I wouldn't suggest. I actually only care about a DE Rate situation,,,, This system I got "computer" tells all the codes for my cummins and actually comes with a laptop and all connections. It was only in the grand range and does a hard reset of whatever problem i might have in my Entegra Cornerstone or my Cummins 2021 605,, especially the dang DEF system so I can continue on . After hearing nightmare stories of people with ruined vacations , lack of parts, and dangerous De Rates on Interstates,,,, um I was not having any of that garbage since I like going out west with my grandkids and the dealers get farther and farther between. It comes in it's own case and I would suggest it for anyone worrying about a De Rate situation. No sense endangering our families because of this ridiculous DEF system malfunctions. Now I can hit the road this summer and not worry , at least about the DEF system. I just saw this forum and thought I'D throw this out to whomever might need one. I'll be at the Alexandria Bay rally and maybe someone with more computer savvy can mess with it there,,,
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