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  1. hay all you guys thanks for the info. i guess my next move is take it to a cat dealer. if you can find one. i have learned from past experience even a heavy equipment dealer will service that engine.
  2. thenks for the info. Bill & Carl. i will try the simple things first.
  3. got propane furnace. checked heater hoses to dash. found 1 leak repaired it. ran yesterday for at least an hour @idletime with no overheat. saw coolant gush back into overflow tank and popped the cap open. may have leak between cylinder and coolant channel pressureizing coolant system.
  4. would't a bad head or head gasket with water getting into cylinder show up in exhaust as vapor. no smoke or vapor in exhaust. also would't the engine have a misfire?
  5. don't known what aquahot is. please explain.
  6. didn't use coach last year but now looking to get back on road. now have problem with coolant system. low water light comes on & overheats after driving for approx. 1hr. check coolant in radiator now low. also now have excessive blowby from crankcase breather. smoke is whitesh in color. checked oil no signs of water in oil[at least on dip stick]. no smoke in exhaust. because of motorhome age don't want to spend alot of money to repair.
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