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  1. I agree with **** and Lois. Check electrical connections. With the engine running have a partner turn on the the A/C and see if the compressor clutch engages, if it does you likely have a leak. If it does not then you have an electrical problem.
  2. I bought him a bottle of good Scotch. He will be finishing up the installation of the a/c condenser this week. We could not find the original condenser so ordered something similar and he is fabricating new mountings for it. Good tech, since he does not particularly like working on motor homes, I am not going to share his name and address at his request.
  3. This will be the most economical in the long run. Glad your doing it.
  4. You may have a cylinder head gasket leak. When the turbo spools up under heavy load hot gas can leak into the cooling system and cause coolant loss and over heating. When the engine shuts down and there is no pressure in the cylinder, coolant can leak into the engine. This can cause erosion of the top of the liner or block deck. If coolant gets into the oil it will cause cylinder scuffing and or main and rod bearing galling. Then you are looking at a major engine rebuild. I recommend taking it to a CAT dealer and have the problem diagnosed.
  5. My mechanic is great. He informed me that my vacuum pump is a venturi operated of the air system and triggered by a solenoid whose fuse was blown. Took him an hour to find it but just a fuse. That I was not expecting.
  6. Thanks everyone. Yes it does power the blend air doors in the chassis a/c unit. I am trying to find out where it is located in MC before I start taking things apart.
  7. I need to replace the vacuum pump on my 2002 HR Ambassador. I think I have found a replacement for Vueriks in Grand Rapids, MI. I can't find mine and looking at starting to take stuff apart. Do any of you know where it is located? The line is missing so I can't trace it. Thanks Orrin and Linda
  8. I have a 2002 HR Ambassador with 8.3 Cummins and am looking for a new a/c chassis condenser. I have done some searching and about to fabricate one, which will be very expensive. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Orrin
  9. Orrin

    Noobie here

    Linda and I (Orrin) just joined. We have also purchased the membership. I think we will also join our Mid-west chapter. We recently purchased a 2002 Holiday Rambler Ambassador. So far we are pleased with it. I am doing a few repairs, fixing the chassis a/c, installing a new rear view camera system, new mattress, bring maintenance up to date. Brakes, tires and suspension were all good. We make our home in Fitchburg (Madison), WI. We spent a few nights at our favorite camp ground in Door County, WI and it went very well. Linda and I are looking forward to meeting some of you in the near future. Orrin
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