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  1. I have looked for a starter relay up by drivers area none found. I did find one in box by batteries at right rear of coach. If I turn coach power on I have power both sides. Turn poser off I loose power on left side of relay. As mention dirty connection. I cleaned each connection and re-installed. Still no power for starting. Transmission selector does not have a light to indicated Neutral.
  2. I have a 2007 Travel supreme, chassis batteries bad. Replace, but no transmission selector light for "N". I used the photo that I took before I removed the batteries to insure I connected them correct. Still no light on T selector, checked coach disconnect switch power there when switch in on position. Off when switched to off. Checked fuses in side power box. Removed transmission selector and checked for fuses on it or a burnt board. No fuse there like older models. Reconnected selector still no light. I am at a loss. I tried to get a electrical schematic from Spartan, but no luck yet. Any help would be appreciated.
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