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  1. I am not having problems with service here in South Carolina but I have noticed that the MIFI8000 is no longer tracking how much data I am using both on the unit or on the page since January 1st. In March we head through Georgia to Florida then I can see if I see the problems with the slow down mentioned in the thread.
  2. I have been in SC since December 1st and have used over 450gb and had no throttling that is noticeable, I would get some buffering on occasion but it has been rare and doesn't last very long.
  3. Sprint does not have 5G you are on a T-Mobile tower if you see 5G on your device. I have a T-Mobile cell phone and I have 5G shut off to get faster speeds on 4G in my area. I also have the FMCA Sprint plan with the MiFi8000 4G hotspot and very happy with it.
  4. Buy a quality microfiber towel to dry you RV. Much cheaper!
  5. I was able to sign up today but I will be getting the MiFi8000 hotspot which is 4G, they still haven't been able to get a sim card that will work with the MiFi200 5G. They have the MiFi8000's in their inventory. Only bad part about the MiFi8000 is that it does not have T-Mobiles Band 71, hoping they will let me change hotspots out when they get the MiFi2000 work. Good thing about the MiFi8000 is that it has TS9 antenna ports so you can use a MiMo antenna which is sometime better that a cell booster. I should have my unit by Oct.25th and I will give an update once I get it up and running. My back up to this unit will be my T-Mobile S20 and the Magenta Max 5G Plan that gives me 40GB of hotspot and unlimited prioritized data that I can mirror to my TV, tablet, or computer.
  6. Website still has this posted "Tech Connect registration is currently offine, please try again in a few days." Any update when this is going to be available again? I have a trip coming up soon and would like to sign up and get it working before I head south.
  7. You are correct I talked to them today to get some info sign up for the plan and they told me to call back next week they should have all this resolved.
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