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  1. With the existing AT&T plan it doesn't make a difference which device you use you will only get 12mbps and lucky to get 2mbps for streaming. I returned my Moxee and nano sim for my M2000 and opted for the Calyx Substainer plan, so far it is very good at my sticks and bricks. Ive seen speeds up to 300mbps and 58mbps from Fast.com for streaming.
  2. I also returned the AT&T hotspot this week and went with Calyx, I had no issues with the T-Mobile plan from FMCA but not impressed with the new AT&T plan.
  3. I talked to someone at Techconnect today and he told me he has heard of reports of 25 to 30 Mbs, I told him I was only getting 12 Mbs max on my Moxee and others reporting the same. He had no response to that.
  4. I have a Nano sim on the way also, I hope the M2000 works out better than the Moxee hotspot that I can only get 12MB max down and up with 4 bars. I have seen others saying that is the max they can get also and think we are being throttled by AT&T with this plan.
  5. I am only getting 12Mb max with 4 bars on the Moxee, once I get the sim for my M2000 I will see if it is any better. If not I maybe reconsidering canceling this plan and going elsewhere. Love the T-Mobile service and never had a issue with it on my Mifi8000. Using Ookla speed test on my phone.
  6. Techconnect will send you a Nano sim if you ask. I have one on the way for my Inseego M2000.
  7. As said above and I had just purchased the M2000 on ebay 2 weeks before this change to AT&T. It has to be better than this cheap Moxee piece of ____.
  8. I called Tech Connect today and they said they should have the Sims for the M2000 in later this week.
  9. Who told you this? If that is true I will stay with Techconnect and give AT&T a shot. We have been very happy with T-Mobile service where we have gone and hope we get the same from AT&T.
  10. I guess I am not on their email list, I never got the April 1st email nor did I get this one. I was in contact with Techconnect just a short while ago and I was told I could put the T Mobile Sim into a M2000 so I went out and bought the M2000 now I am out of luck with it and no email to tell me sorry for the bad info. Maybe it is time to switch to another vendor.
  11. I sent a message late afternoon one day and got a call back the next morning. Never had any problems getting in touch with Techconnect
  12. The notice above is no longer posted but I saw this on the web page "P.S. We’re working on more offers!" Maybe 5G is coming soon?
  13. So after 2 months of no tracking of my use on my mifi8000 today I see it showing status of usage for this month.
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