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  1. Wow!!! Towbar setups are getting expensive!!!! Was at Camping WOrld in Madison, WI this weekend, they quoted me $5100 for a Roadmaster system with their braking system installed. At $149/hr I'm going to shop around!!! Still looking to do the NSA bar. Going to have to find a dealer that can install it. I called NSA and they quoted me $2300 for the whole system. Not sure what it's going to cost me for installation. Some of these braking systems are really overpriced, IMHO.......
  2. We just bought a '07 Tiffin coach. It has a dishwasher, we're the 3rd owners, and it has never been used. Always used for storage for breakable dishes. Same with the stackable washer/dryer. Never been used Whirlpool. We may use it once we get to a spot with a sewer on the lot, but right now we have to go to the dump station every two weeks, so we use the laundromat. Not cheap either. Damned if you do/don't!!LOL!!!
  3. Thanks a lot for the info!!!! Looks like this is the simplest and cheapest way to go. Just wondering how much of a job getting that cable installed will be. I don't figure on towing in the dark, so maybe I can get by without the lighting kit for now. Maybe just order a set of Blue Ox baseplate and hook ups and then order the NSA bar.
  4. How does the M&G Brake work? Is it electric or like a surge brake? I'm thinking of going to a local Blue Ox dealer and have him set it up for me so long as he doesn't rip me off. I think this company is local, and works with people well, and seems to have a lot of repeat business, so it's not like going to Camper World.
  5. Looking to buy a tow bar soon. Just purchased a '13 GMC Terrain AWD to tow behind my Tiffin. What is the simplest brake box to buy for it? Could you just run a cord from the motor home to the toad and plug into the box? Without buying all that wiring harnesses?
  6. Why add that stuff? I have a diesel pusher with a tag axle, 42' that I just bought. (07) Like the coach really well, plenty of room and rides like a dream. Looking forward to taking it to AZ in October and spending the winter there. Ours is an Allegro Bus. Have fun with it.
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