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  1. Yeah, Michelin Tires are VERY over rated. I've worked on Big truck most of my adult life, I worked for Kenworth trucks for 20 years alone. they have always had issues with drying out and sidewalls cracking....for years. I don't understand why people still brag on them. They will go the miles, I'll give them that. But you need to run them bald in 2 years or less, on a big truck it's possible, on a RV, your simply not gonna. I don't know any RV'r that runs 150-200k in a yr or 2. My tire guy quoted me $1700 for 2 Michelin Steer tires. Is that crazy or what. I'm getting 6 Toyo's for $2600. And that's even high......to me.
  2. I am thinking about getting Toyo 154's on my Fleetwood Discovery. Tires that are on it are 14 years old (Just bought it), a lot of people on other forums say they are a great tire. How would I get the FMCA discount on the Toyo's ? The discount looks like it only applies to Michelin and Continental Tires. Any help would be appreciated.
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