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  1. I have a 2000 fleetwood discovery that had similar issues with gauges. I paid the big bucks for a new ECM which reads air pressure, however, during installation found one of the gauges will not work properly. So I disconnected it and drove anyway (I know, not smart, however...) At the nearest Freightliner service center (after visiting 6 junk yards in Houston), I learned the part is not is stock anywhere in the US and there are over 20 requests for new gauges with this item number. So many of us are having gauge issues. If anyone knows of a great service tech in Houston area that can solder something to make it work, I will reconnect it. But the erratic buzzing was too much for my ears, knowing the air bags are fairly new. Alternative is to install a manual monitor on each air bag - and finding someone to do this work. Thanks all
  2. Many thanks! I don't even know what you mean by "serpentine' so I may just borrow a small trailer and pull behind! LOL
  3. I am a solo traveler with a 2000 Fleetwood Discovery, diesel pusher pulling a 2012 Nissan Frontier. Have spent 1 year traveling around with a few monthly parking points along the way. I have an opportunity to work in Alaska this summer but am interested in whether my older motorhome can handle the terrain. Specifically, I may work in Skagway. Anyone here been that way via MH (not cruise ship)? Suggestions?
  4. Thanks for any suggestions - I do not do my own repairs. Last week my 2000 Fleetwood Discovery (new air suspension bags in September, 2018) decided to set off the alarm that I had no air in my front suspension air bags. However, the coach did not act like it had deflated any air. The flip switch for air (auto or low) was in the correct auto position for moving down the road. So the dump valve may be sticking? Is this an easy fix? I took the coach to the Peterbilt in town (the nearest freight liner is 3 hrs away), they couldn't figure it out. The RV repair shop in the nearest town had no idea why that would occur, either. Suggestions on what I may be able to do myself (if minor) or how to be prepared to discuss with a reputable shop that won't "take a girl to the cleaners"? Thanks!
  5. Hi all - during a particularly heavy rain this week, I just found two absolutely soaked towels between the driver's seat and the slide out on my 2000 Fleetwood Class A. I have been using additional towels and a heater to try and dry it out, but appears to still be pooling from somewhere? Roof is fine, slide cover is in tack (pulled in and dumped any pooled water on it), seals appear to be properly engaged. Any other suggestions? Many thanks!
  6. Similar situation. Still have stuff in storage and a bedroom with a family member in Arkansas. Vehicles registered and insured in Arkansas, so that is my "domicile". Changed all mail to a mail forwarding service. However, trying to apply for open enrollment health coverage (I am not near 65 yet) after a year of COBRA coverage. The questions don't apply and the result was I don't qualify??? What are others, under 65 without retiree benefits, doing for self-pay health insurance while wandering the country? Thanks!
  7. RV Doctor in Sacramento has an entire warehouse of parts taken from old RV's (including refrigerator doors). I had to wander thru the correct area looking for my part, but they are helpful and may be able to look / send a part to you?
  8. I purchased my first RV, a 2000 Fleetwood Discovery in August, 2018. While the custom welders were installing the complete tow package parts, they suggested I replace my air suspension bags because like an old tire, they had numerous cracks. I took their advice and it totally changed the balance for the better! Have had wonderful experience with Smitty's RV custom repair and welding in Houston TX if you are in that area - have them take a look.
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