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  1. Rayin Thank you for the info on the transfer switch but the transfer switch works or I should say both. When the generator fires up it takes over power just as it should. As for the question on my system amperage. It is a 30amp. I know that sometimes a 50amp service could have 2 transfer switches because the 50 amp is 2 110v feeds but no mine is just 30amp.
  2. Thanks for the thoughts and I did try that avenue. Fourwinds is no longer and Thor is the company that took it over. I did contact Thor and they said it was too old and they had no info on that unit any more. Also it did not come with an inverter so I'm starting from scratch.
  3. I have a Fourwinds 32ft Hurricane class A gas motorhome with 30amp hookup and a 4.5KW generator. I am trying to add a 3000 watt inverter. I took off the paneling covering the back of the electronic equipment ie. power panel, converter charger and power transfer and low and behold there are 2 power transfer switches. They are identical Lyght Power Systems LPT30s. Would anyone know why 2? I was planning on cutting in after the transfer switch and before the main breaker panel but 2 switches!
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