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  1. I am using my FMCA AT&T SIM in my Max Transit Pro without issue.
  2. I'm still on the $25/mo (with PartyPay) Visible plan. While it's not officially supported, I do use the Visible SIM in my Pepwave router and it works fine after some tweaking of settings. With the retirement of my plan and eventually being forced to move to one of the new ones mentioned above, I'm not sure I'll be sticking with Visible. To answer some of your questions based on my experience with the legacy plan: Hotspot speed is limited to 5Mbps and Visible has pretty high latency, making it iffy for things like video conferencing and online gaming It is truly unlimited, with no slow down after hitting some cap, but... Visible data is always deprioritized after post-paid Verizon traffic, so in congested areas you'll see slow downs If playing by the rules, you can only use the SIM in your phone and can only have one (if I recall correctly) device connected to the phone's hotspot at a time. The Mobile Internet Resource Center just did a good video overview of the new Visible plans: https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/visible-revamps-plan-lineup-and-retires-party-pay/ Pete
  3. I use my Visible SIM in a Pepwave router without issue, so I can't imagine why it wouldn't work in an unlocked M2000 hotspot, but I've moved on (to the Pepwave). For what it's worth, despite the cost, the Pepwave hardware is worth every penny. Between the Visible SIM and the FMCA AT&T SIM, it's a pretty cost-effective solution for more-or-less unlimited data.
  4. About halfway down the page you should see the plan. They are promoting 1/2 off the M2000, but as I said, they told me they can add the plan to one you already have.
  5. In addition to the FMCA AT&T plan, I'm considering doing this with my formerly FMCA M2000 hotspot. T-Mobile has a 100Gb for $50/mo plan. The plan is listed on this page with 50% off a new hotspot, but I confirmed with T-Mobile that they will add that plan to an existing M2000 hotspot.
  6. So, I got my nano SIM today. Haven't been able to get ahold of TC yet to have it activated, however it still throws an "Invalid SIM" error on the M2000 (not "No Service" as I would expect and as it does on the Moxee). The only SIMs that haven't thrown that error are the original Sprint SIM and the replacement T-Mobile SIM. I tried the new AT&T as well as a Visible and an old Verizon SIM I had lying around. Each one of them is invalid. Not sure I believe the device is not carrier locked, or maybe there's some other explanation for why only Sprint and TMo SIMs seem to not throw an error. Either way, it makes sense that there's be a 12 Mbs limit if that's what AT&T's business plans are limited to, since that's basically what this is, if I understand correctly.
  7. It turns out the M2000 is *not* carrier locked, according to TechConnect support. My Visible SIM doesn't work (shows as "invalid SIM"), but that must be something specific to Visible. I have an AT&T nano SIM on the way so I can give that a shot when it arrives.
  8. So, got a somewhat unsatisfying response from TechConnect support Because the device is a rental you can’t have it unlocked and switched back to T-Mobile. If it's a rental, why don't I have to send it back? What does "switched back to T-Mobile" mean? It already is a T-Mobile device. I want to unlock it so I can use an AT&T or Verizon SIM in it. Locked to T-Mobile, it's a paperweight.
  9. Thanks! I have a ticket in, so if I get an answer I'll post it here as well.
  10. Found it, and you may be right. The wording is a bit vague though. Q: Will this plan come with 5G? A: The AT&T Moxee Mobile Hotspot that comes with the plan is only 4G LTE. But if a member chooses to purchase their own 5G device it is usable on the AT&T plan.
  11. I read the same thing you did, I think, but the way I read it it wasn't saying you'd get 5G, just that the SIM (and its 4G only plan) would work in a 5G hotspot device. Now I can't find that blurb, of course. 😀 The Nighthawk looks like a nice device. I'll be interested to see if it's available without a new AT&T plan.
  12. Understood. I'm more interested in getting the M2000 unlocked, though. I have a ticket in with TechConnect, but in the meantime I wonder if anyone here. knows if TC will unlock the old device so I can throw my Verizon SIM in it.
  13. Interesting - my M2000 does not. It seems to be carrier locked to Tmo/Sprint as it says my other carrier (Verizon) SIM is invalid. The AT&T SIM that comes with the Moxee is too large to fit in the M2000's nano SIM slot.
  14. Hi! I have received my replacement AT&T hotspot device, and it's my understanding that I do not need to return the previous T-Mobile/Sprint hotspot. I have two questions I'm hoping someone here can answer: Is it confirmed that the T-Mobile/Sprint hotspot does not need to be returned? If so, does anyone know if FMCA (or T-Mobile) can remove the carrier lock? My old device is carrier locked to T-Mobile but I'd like to use it with a different carrier as a backup. Thanks! Pete
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