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  1. We purchased a used 1999 Pacearrow 37s, we have been on the road and now the toilet is clogged. We snaked from both ends and stuck a hand down to remove clog. Apparently, previous owner put tampons and other assorted goodies down the toilet. It is a Thetfod toilet, and we have been trying to figure out how to unclog it. If anyone knows how long the pvc pipes are and how they run, or a plumbing diagram for our unit, I would be very appreciative. So far we have used a 15’ cobra auger from Walmart. I will buy some Rid-x today and try to dissolve the clog. I am open to any and all suggestions. We are in Lake Worth, Florida. Thank you in advance.
  2. Thank you for the response. All batteries are new. I have tried all main fuses, but have yet to check Battery Control fuses. I will join some fleetwood groups in hopes of diagrams. (Owners manuals are totally useless when it comes to finding information).
  3. We were forced out of our home in Las Vegas and had no choice but to purchase what we could afford. We drove from Las Vegas to Florida and had lots of electrical issues on the way. Our generator stopped working on the 3rd day. We are in an RV park for the next 5 months and still have lots of electrical problems. Last night, we lost our 12v lights and power inside. We can’t start the RV without a jump. Before I start calling expensive RV Repair services, I would love some information from anyone that has a Pace Arrow like mine that has had to deal with electrical problems, just so I may have a starting point. Thank you all in advance for any insights you may have.
  4. We moved from Las Vegas to South Florida. Living in a campground with very poor WiFi. We have 3 lines on unlimited AT&T cell service. I am looking for reliable internet plan for firestick that won’t break me. We stream tv and movies and don’t have hot spot available on cell phones. I am hoping someone can guide me through plans and equipment needed for the least expensive route. Thank you in advance.
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