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  1. Rich, I found my issue, was a 1/4" stainless steel line came loose from some type of valve inline with my Turbo is what it looks like. Kind of strange for i guess. Can you tell me how to adjust ride heights or level pressures from front to back?
  2. Thank you Rich, I have the RV up on the leveling jacks so I can get under there, I hear the compressor continuing to make psi, but im not hearing it hit psi. Ill try the soap in the next 10 minutes and get back to you. Thanks a bunch
  3. I have a 2007 American Eagle, Im having an issue with with front air bags not inflating, I have checked for air leaks and found none, my rear air bags are 100 + PSI. front stops around 75 psi, will not go above 75 PSI unless idle is up around 1600 rpm's. Any ideas? Thank you
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